His bill for that month was less than $40

by Katty

Another idea for how to save money every month is to lower the temperature of your water heater. Many manufacturers set water heater thermostats to 140 degrees, though most households typically do not need it set above 120 degrees, and some say even 110 degrees is just fine. By lowering the temperature, you can reduce the cost of your energy bills by 3 5% every 10 degrees.

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It is likely you already have all the tools you need for baking. If not, a bit of shopping for some good mixing bowls, a whisk and wooden spoon and a few pans and measuring tools should not cost much and can produce many great returns in food and memories. That’s the wonderful thing about baking: with an oven, a recipe and a few simple tools you can get started on new adventures and creating great memories with your child.

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