How to factory reset Windows 10 in Simple Ways

If your Windows 10 system has been acting differently lately and crashes a lot, well it is time to clean all the junk files from it. For this, you may have to reset the entire system and start fresh. Or you can always opt for a new system altogether. Before doing anything make sure to save all your data and files separately or on the cloud. The real question arises “How to Factory reset Windows 10?”

Well, the process isn’t tedious work. Only a few simple steps are what you need to follow and within minutes your system will be working as new. You might be thinking why can’t you simply download or install an antivirus to fix the issue. Well, no matter whichever antivirus software you use, the issue is going to remain intact. 

You will have to remove unwanted files from the system and clean it up. This leads to the system crashing up very often and tends to slow it down multiple times. You may also experience a delay in the booting up process which is very annoying. 

Let us see the process of factory reset Windows 10.

How to factory reset Windows 10 using Windows Setting

There are multiple ways that you can try to perform this action. Firstly, you can try out the direct approach using the settings option. Furthermore, multiple users have tried to reset Windows 10 using Bios or even from Boot.

Here is how you can factory reset Windows 10.

  1. Open Windows Settings by pressing Win + K keys on the keyboard
  2. Choose on Update & Security from the left panel and click on Recovery
  3. Tap on “Get Started” under Reset this
  4. On the new window, click on either “Keep my Files” or “Remove Everything”.

Here you can either choose to remove only the downloaded apps from your system and keep the necessary files or wipe out the entire system data. If you have already taken a backup, it is better to remove everything and start fresh.

  1. If you chose, Remove Everything, Windows will prompt you to either “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and a clean drive.”how to wipe data from Windows 10

Now, if you are planning to not keep the PC, you should go for the latter option. This way no one will be able to recover any files from this system. Otherwise, if you are still going to use the PC, use the first option.

  1. Click on Next, and then Reset (if prompted)Refresh PC
  2. Lastly, after the system restarts, click on Continue.

This is the easiest step-by-step method to reset your Windows 10 PC. Make sure you do not miss out on any of the steps and always have a backup.

How to factory reset Windows 10 without Setting

There is another method that you can try to reset your PC. It does not involve using the Windows settings option. In fact, you do not even need to log in and do it without a password. For this, you will need the installation disk for your Windows 10 operating system. There are certainly other methods too that does not include going through the above process.

1. Using Installation Media

If you do not have access to your system’s password and are hoping to reset the device. You can do so by using the installation disc. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Insert the installation disc on your PC, and start the system.
  2. On the pop-up Window for Installation, click on Repair your
  3. Now, click on Troubleshoot to reset the system.reset-this-pc-from-troubleshoot
  4. Similarly, choose the “Remove Everything” to start fresh and delete all the data.remove-everything
  5. If prompted, you can either select to remove files from all the drives or simply where the Windows is
  6. Reset the device to its default settings.

2. Using Advanced Startup Tool

You can also perform similar functions to reset Windows 10 from the Advanced system options. Here is how to factory reset Windows 10 from BIOS.

  1. Go to the Login screen of your PC.
  2. Click on the power button while pressing on Shift. Now, select Restart.
  3. Next, choose the Troubleshoot option.factory-reset-reset-this-pc
  4. Click on Reset this PC and hit Enter.
  5. Select “Remove Everything” since the “Keep my Files” will ask for a login.
  6. Furthermore, you will need to now select between “Just remove my files” or Fully clean the drive”.

Here again, if you want to sell your PC, choose the latter option so that none can recover or data. Or else the first option is faster and good enough if you are planning to reuse the PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to reset Windows 10?

It takes about 2-3 hours to completely reset your Windows 10 system. All the files will be deleted and the system settings will be brought to default. It is recommended to not stop the process in between since it is bound to take time. Also, if you are planning to keep the system, it will take around 15 more minutes to configure it all over again.

2. Will resetting the PC remove the virus?

Well, a factory reset on Windows 10 implies that all the data will be removed or wiped from the system. Users generally perform this action in order to either reinstall the operating system or are hoping to sell it. So, you need not worry about the virus anymore. It will remove all the viruses or any kind of malware from the system.

3. What should I do before resetting my PC?

It is highly advisable for every user to backup all their data to the cloud storage or to external Hard disk space. Once you are moving forward to wiping a computer, it will remove all the files, apps, data, and whatever you have from the system. Once you do it there is no way you can get back the deleted files.

Final Words

This is pretty much everything you need to know if you are looking forward to Windows 10 factory reset. We have mentioned all the methods that will help you do this action. Many users have tried resetting using the BIOS, but it will be a little too much if you are not into technical aspects.

So, make sure you choose to stick to the methods above. For users who can easily log in to their PC, you can reset your Windows 10 from the settings. While those who do not have the password and cannot pass through Login, use the methods under “How to factory reset Windows 10 without Settings”

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But if you are having any trouble while carrying out the process, you can let us know. We will try to help you move forward and reset your PC. Also, make sure you use the same exact steps or else you will be stuck.

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