Quick Guide To Launch MVP For Your Startup And Hire Your First Tech Team

The trend of starting entrepreneurship has surged significantly in recent years, and it seems to be picking up pace. The reasons are simple, the idea facilitates liberty, can pay off exponentially, and purposes unparalleled profits. Aside from all this, a startup feeds one more vital desire, the passion for creating something you can call yours.

As more people are shifting towards the approach, it is viable for you to do sound research before starting the proceedings. Numerous factors decide whether or not a startup will succeed, and an MVP is amidst them. If you are aiming to build a startup, then you must have heard about MVP.

Other than MVP, your initial staff or team plays an equally important role in your venture’s survival. If you want to kick-start your startup, then a quick read through the article would help you quickly launch your MVP. Furthermore, you will also receive critical tips for hiring the best talent for your tech team.

Here is how to launch MVP and hire the tech team for a startup:

What is an MVP?

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is the initial version of any new product. It serves as a benchmark for the team to gather the maximum amount of data regarding the consumers with the least efforts. In terms of mobile application development, MVP can be considered the standard version of any mobile app.

It is the procedure of creating a new app with core features to see how the targeted consumer base reacts. After assessing the results, the process of building the final product starts with a complete set of functions and features.

Benefits of Building MVP

Helps Focus on Solidifying the Core

An MVP application helps you stay focused on one idea without getting confused with the abundance of choices. 

Saves Funds

The approach also helps you test some high-priority features in minimum possible cost, reducing the app development cost. 

Proposes an Early Test Opportunity 

It sounds beneficial to know from the start what approach may not work out.

Provides Consumer Feedback

With an MVP, you get the option to garner valuable consumer feedback at an early stage.

Reduces Development Time

Once you know what the consumers want, the app development time decreases significantly.

How to Build an MVP?

Creating an MVP is an excellent decision, but how exactly can you do it? How can you develop a Minimum Viable Product? Given below is a guide to help you build an MVP:

Industry Research

Before working on an idea, you must research it in the market. The idea might already be a hit, or it may have failed already. So, first, research the market and see if your design fulfills the users’ demands.

You can also check out what your competitors are offering to understand the market conditions better.

Express the Idea

What would your app offer? How will it be beneficial for the consumers? Why would they buy it? You need to get an answer to the questions to prepare an outline for the MVP.

Consider User Flow and Design Process

The next step is to design your app, and it must be done in a way that caters to your audience. Look at it from the consumers’ perspective, and now see if the app meets your expectations. You also need to ensure that the user flow adds to the satisfaction offered to the consumers.

Try to focus more on standard stuff rather than adding complex features. Prioritize steps like locating and purchasing the product, handling, and getting orders. Once all this is wrapped up, you have defined functions for every stage.

Name Every MVP Feature

Now it is time for you to list every MVP feature you are going to add. When you have a list prepared, you merely need to crosscheck the app using the list to see if you missed any feature.

After preparing the list, you need to prioritize the features for every stage. Use tags like high-priority, standard-priority, and low-priority to organize the elements.

Start Building

Now that you have laid the foundation, it is time to start building the MVP. Always remember that the prototype does not have to be of inferior quality. The product still needs to satisfy the consumers, so try to make it efficient, convenient, and useful.

Garner Feedback

Once the product hits the market, you need to start gathering consumer feedback. Try to be as upfront and accepting as possible. There is no need to be rude, as the feedback will only help you prepare an error-free product for your audience.

Hiring a Tech Team for a Startup

A firm cannot survive merely via its products, and you need to gather a team of skilled professionals. If you are aiming to hire wordpress developer or angularjs developers, then here is how you can prepare a tech team for your startup:

Hire Early (If Affordable)

If you find someone good and affordable, then you should hire them ASAP. Hiring a capable candidate will boost your productivity and divide the burden as well. If the person is worth cutting off on your profits, then the decision will benefit you in the long run.

Look for Potential, Not only Experience 

While prior work experience in the field is a plus, a startup needs to prioritize potential over anything. The majority of the time, you will be unable to afford an experienced candidate so that you might go for the next best alternative.

Ask Candidates to Demonstrate Skills

Do not simply fall for the sales pitch of the candidate, ask them to walk the talk. In your case, you can ask the candidate to write code or identify any bug within a code. If you are satisfied with their skills, then perfect, otherwise move on.

Include Everyone in the Interview

Adding everyone in the interview might seem overkill, but a startup needs to build integrity and team spirit within the staff. Additionally, when everyone gets to interview the person, you are assured of getting someone that would instantly fit in within the team.

Treat them as Equals

Treating your team as employees won’t serve you in the long run. Stop treating them as mere tools and form a team. Delegate some responsibilities, share the vision, and work together to achieve it. You will see the difference in efficiency within a limited time.

Design an Organized Hiring Process

Hiring someone can take time, so design the whole hiring process to wrap it up as quickly as possible. Divide the stages and have everything defined to save you both some precious time.


You might deem the task unnecessary, but there is nothing like being too cautious. Prepare proper documentation for every candidate you hire to eradicate any shred of doubt or future mishaps for your firm.

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