Xender for PC- Download Free on Windows (10/8/7)

There are tons of tools that allow you to transfer data from one system to another. Xender for PC is one such Utility tool where you can transfer data between two PCs but also between other supported devices such as Android, iOS, and all the others.

Xender is an easy to use data utility application which you easily download from our site. It is tried, tested, and the most popular tool used by millions of users all over the Globe. There are tons of features that you will come across that you should know. Once you download Xender for PC, scroll down and know more about it.

Let us get straight on to how you can download Xender for Windows.

Xender for PC Download- Windows 10, 8, and 7

Here is how you can download the installer file from the link we have mentioned below. Simply click on the link and accept the file. You do not need to look for anyplace anymore for Xender download. Furthermore, this offline installer is free of cost and there are no hidden charges.

Click on the link below to download Xender for PC full version.

How can I download Xender for PC free?

Well, apart from the link we have provided you can easily download or start-up Xender on your PC. Just a few steps are involved and rather we have two methods by which you can carry on with the process. One involves the use of your smartphones, while the other by using Emulators.

Here is how you can have Xender download for PC.

Method 1: Xender for PC Web

The first method involves the use of an online installer or directly from the official creators. We have already discussed the easy method that involves the use of the download file. While here simply follow the steps below. 

  1. Download the App from the Play Store on your smartphones (iOS or Android)
  2. Click on the “+” sign on the top-right corner.xender download
  3. Press on the Scan option.xender for pc download
  4. Now, open the Official Xender Web on your PC.Download Xender for PC
  5. Use the scanner and scan the QR code.
  6. Xender is now available on your PC anytime you want. xender pc

This method only works as long as you connect your phone to your PC. In fact, it works for Mac OS as well. It is highly secure to use and transfer files anytime you would need it. Furthermore, this method is strictly to download Xender for PC without BlueStacks.

Method 2: Xender download using BlueStacks

Here is another online approach that you can use which involves using Bluestacks Android Emulator for Xender. As soon as you download and launch the app, follow the steps as followed below. Also, make sure you are connected to your internet connection all the time.


  1. Visit the official website of BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  2. Click on Download Bluestacks.
  3. Press on the file and install the software on your PC.
  4. Launch Bluestacks.
  5. Open Google Play Store and download Xender for PC app.
  6. Launch Xender and start using it to share data.

It does look like a pretty complicated process, but it isn’t. Most of you might already have been using the Emulator making your steps even easier. BlueStacks also allows you to download any other app you want that you cannot use on your PC directly.

Xender for Windows- Features, and Uses

Since you know now everything about how you can download Xender for Windows 7, we can move on to knowing more about the software. It does seem bizarre that you would use software without knowing about its features and what all you can use it for. Saving you from the nightmare.

Let us jump over to all the features and incredible uses of Xender for Windows 10.

1. Transfer Files

Download Xender

The main feature that it is known for is transferring files from one system to another with a blazing fas speed. It can reach the highest speed of 40Mbps for any file you would like to share with your friends or family. Also, this app is perfect for transferring videos, music, docs, files, pdfs, and a lot more formats of data. Moreover, you will be able to send large files such as movies, videos, music within no time.

2. Cross-Platform Tool

Cross Platform Tool

Another interesting feature that makes it flexible and even more popular among the users is that you can use it on any of your devices. That means it is a cross-platform tool. You can download it on your Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and other devices easily and share files from one device to another hassle-free. Moreover, if you do not want to download the file on your PC, you can use the Xender Web.

3. No data or Internet Connection Required

While you are using it on your Android  Phones or iOS devices you do not need an internet connection. Neither you need any cable or data usage to transfer any kind of file from one system to another. Only you would need the internet while connecting to Xender Web, after which everything is as simple as it gets.

4. File Manager

Xender is an excellent file manager. You can easily view, move, or delete files you received and sort them out as per you would need them in your device. Furthermore, you can create a copy or backup of your files if anytime you would need to clean your phone.

5. Smartphone replication

Another important feature that you will come across is that you can replicate all your data from your old phone to a new one within minutes. By following specific steps, you can copy contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games, and any other files to your new phone.

6. Convert Video to AudioConverts Video to Audio

Xender app for PC is also capable of changing a video file to Audio. You can convert MV to the song, education videos to only audios. change your voice record to ringtone, and also listen to music very easily without having to watch the video on your smartphone.

7. Supports Multiple Languages

Supports 32 Languages

You can select the country you are from and also the tons of language listed on the application. Here are some of the languages that Xender supports English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Xender Safe to use?

Many users have this doubt while they have been using Xender on their PC or smartphones. Yes, it is safe to use and all your data is secure. But if you have doubts, you can always scan the app from an antivirus you use on your laptops or PC.

2. Does Xender for PC require the Internet?

Another interesting query that many of you might be having in your mind. Well, initially Xender for PC doesn’t use the internet to transfer files. Instead, it connects via their app from one device to another. On the other hand, if you are using Xender Web, you will need the internet connection on your laptops or PC to start the Xender applications and start using a similar way.

3. Can you send or Receive apps from Xender?

Yes, Xender allows you to send any kind of app from your mobile phone to another device very easily. It can be of any size and the transfer will be done as quickly as any file. Furthermore, you can transfer photos, music, videos, files of any format.


Final Words

Here we are with everything you need to know to download and install Xender for PC. Moreover, make sure you go through all the features we have mentioned here in the above section. Xender has upgraded its logo and also some exclusive features have been added which you would not want to miss.

If you have been using some third party tool to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, you may want to delete it. Xender also has the capability for this feature and you can easily download stories, videos, and a lot more from your social media handles. Furthermore, it has the library of tons of games i.e. all free of cost you can easily play on your smartphones.

You can also download Picsart for PC, click here.

You are going to love Xender in every way possible since it is filled with tons of features and has hardly any issue with the web app as well. If you feel you are stuck at some point or facing some issues, do let us know. We will be glad to help you further.

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