“Tua probably couldn’t have thrown that pass if I

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The 2020 presidential election will be, at least partly, about the economy. President Trump argues the economy was soaring pre pandemic and he can bring it back again, while former vice president Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, argues the nation wouldn’t be in such bad shape if Trump hadn’t fumbled the handling of the pandemic. Biden says he can get people working again and points to the Obama administration’s track record after the Great Recession.

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Cheap Jerseys china Donald Trump; Kenosha US President Donald Trump tours an area affected by civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin on September 1, 2020. Trump visited Kenosha, the Wisconsin city at the center of a raging US debate over racism, despite pleas to stay away and claims he is dangerously fanning tensions as a reelection ploy. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty ImagesTwo heavily armed supporters of President Donald Trump were arrested this week when the FBI received a tip that they were planning to drive to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where they hoped to “pick people off.”Local news station WISN reports that Missouri residents Michael Karmo and Cody Smith were arrested by federal agents in a hotel parking lot this week after the FBI learned on Tuesday that they were driving to Kenosha armed with a large cache of weapons.According to WISN, agents searched the men’s vehicle and hotel room and found “an Armory AR 15 assault rifle, a Mossberg 500 AB 12 Gauge shotgun, two handguns, a silencer, ammunition, body armor, a drone and other materials.”Officials also say that the two men were planning to travel to Portland, Oregon after their Kenosha stop, where they had pledged to “take action” if the city moved forward with defunding its police department.According to a criminal complaint filed against them, both Karmo and Smith “are part of the 417 2nd Amendment Militia of Missouri” and that they “went to Kenosha to attend President Donald Trump’s rally.”Related ArticlesFormer Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain dies from complications of COVID 19 at 74Facebook is a global threat to public health, Avaaz report saysTrump moved his convention speech to flout virus restrictions Cheap Jerseys china.

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