Microsoft Office 2016 Product key: Free Download & Activate Ms Office

Have you ever had your MS office suite expire? And, have desperately searched the internet for Microsoft Office 2016 product key. I mean, of course, that would be crazy. But, you would be shocked to know the number of people who search for MS office activation keys.

I have some good news for you. 1.2 Billion people us

e the paid version of Microsoft Office and especially MS word. And, that is just the registered users, then there are users who find out free trials and office 2016 activation keys to keep using this text processor. So, given the large user base that MS word has, I have decided to come to the rescue with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key. You may thank me later!

By now you know that to Activate Microsoft Office 2016, you would need a genuine Office 2016 Product Key. That’s what I have curated in this article for you and the installation process too. This keygen is geared to pump your MS word free version to a premium version.

microsoft office 2016 product key free

You get all of that without a download nor having to pay for it either. Too good to be true? Maybe, but it worked for me, and it will work for you too.

What is the Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key?

Microsoft Office 2016 Product key is the combination of numbers and letters which is a 25 characters group that works as an activation code. MS Office users would need a product key in order to use the office suite completely. It is required to enter the product key on the activation page after which the office product would get activated. You get the product key already installed when you buy a new computer or get it from someone else.

MS Office 2016 Product Key – 100% Genuine

although after several years of being the predecessor of Office 2020, people still prefer to install Office 2016. If you are also using Microsoft Office 2016 and getting a message to activate your copy of Office suite, You would need an authentic Office 2016 product key/Activation key.

Microsoft Office 2016 Product keys

here are product keys for Office 2016 full version for free 2020-








Microsoft Office 2016 Professional plus Product keys

Microsoft office professional plus 2016 product key list full version free crack-







Microsoft Office Home and Student Product keys

Home and student version of office is especially for students and home users and are not for commercial use. once the trial period expires, one needs to activate the Office by validating with a serial key.







Microsoft Word product key





NOTE: these activation keys work for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the Office suite and keys for office suite will activate all members of office 2016 to their premium version. Office activator will activate 2016, Excel 2016, Outlook 2016 and PowerPoint 2016 respectively.

The activation process of MS Office Using A Serial Key

Once you get the product key for your Microsoft office 2016, you would need to enter it to activate MS Office 2016 suite. When you buy a pc and the Office suite included in it has a trial version of Office 16 pre-activated in it. The activation period of such a pre-installed Office suite is 6 months. Once the trial period of 6 months completes, you will need to activate it by purchasing a product key online. Here are the steps with which you can activate office 2016 using product Key-

  • Click on the window icon (Start menu) to open the menu.
  • Here look for any MS office 2016 product and click on it to open.
  • When you will open the product of Ms office, it will ask for activation through the popup window. Click on the activate button.
  • Now, here you would need to sign in to your Microsoft account. Skip if you have already done it.
  • Click on continue and it will ask you for your preferred language and country. Enter it.
  • You will get a list of office products you have purchased, choose the one which you want to activate.
  • Now Click on Accept.
  • Click on the File menu, then go to accounts>office updates
  • Click on the Update now option to update.
  • Your product will get updated.
  • You can verify this by clicking on File>account>product information. It will show the product activated.

How to find MS Office 2016 Product Key?

Do you know, if you have forgotten your product key and have a purchased MS office you can still retrieve it back? Here is how you can get back your ms office 2016 product key. Follow these methods to find it-

1. Find Your Product Key for Microsoft office 2016 on Sticker

If you have purchased your computer pre-installed with ms office 2016 then you can check the Microsoft office 2016 product key in the sticker of your computer or laptop. This you can get on the backside of your laptop and packaging in case of PCs. If you don’t get the sticker on the backside of your laptop you may check in the battery cavity or any other side of your laptop. The CD you got with the ms office might also have the product key of Ms office 2016. So do not forget to check it.

2. Use PassFab Product Key Recovery to get your Activation Key

When you install or the manufacture of your computer has installed the ms office 2016 in your computer, the product key would have got saved in the system registry. So you can get your key office 2016 from the registry of your computer using PassFab Product Key Recovery tool. Here are the steps you would need to follow to get your ms office product key back using PassFab-

  • Download PassFab.
  • Locate the file in your download folder and double click to open the file.
  • Follow the steps you will get on the screen and install the software.
  • Once Installed open the software on your computer.
  • Click on the ‘Get Key’button you will see in the interface of the software.
  • It will start searching product keys of various software suites including the Microsoft Office 2016 product key.
  • Now click on ‘Generate Text’ to create text. This is to make it in a form that you can copy easily.

3. Get your MS Office 2016 Serial Key using the Microsoft account?

When you buy Microsoft products and register with a Microsoft account your information gets saved in Microsoft’s database. Thus, it is possible to retrieve your Office 2016 product key from the Microsoft account but you would be able to check only a part of your product key. For another part, you would need to follow some steps to get it from your system. Here are the steps with which you can retrieve the product key office 2016 from Microsoft account and system-

  • Login in to your Microsoft Account.
  • Go to the My Account page after logging in.
  • Here you would get account options, click on them.
  • Go to Install from a disc and choose I have a disc.
  • It will show you your Product key on the screen. Note it down.
  • Now, You would need to run the command prompt in your computer to get the last 5 characters of your product key.
  • For 32 bit computer, enter- cscript “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\OSPP.VBS” /dstatus
  • For 64 Bit Computer, enter- cscript “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16\OSPP.VBS” /dstatus
  • You will get the last 5 characters of the product key. Match it with the one you got in your Microsoft account. You will get your Product Key.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office 2016 without Product Key

It doesn’t matter which OS you are using, whether Windows or Mac, you can follow the steps below and get access to the premium version of Microsoft Word.

Just copy-paste the code from above and paste it in the tab in the following image. In other words, you can activate the premium version of MS Word for free.

Now, if you don’t want to do it this way, I have a legal solution for you. You can get access to the premium version of Microsoft Office 2016 through the KMC installation. How you may ask?

Just follow my steps below. But, before you do that, maybe you would want to be convinced right? Here are the legal and professional guides to installing Microsoft Office professional suite through the KMC code in your operating system.

Check these out!

Now, that you know I am far from bluffing you, you can just go through the steps below.

KMS Installation of Office 2016

Step 1

Copy the code below to a text doc.

Step 2

Create the Text DOc as illustrating in the image below.

Step 3

Now save that text doc as a batch file named “1click.cmd”. And, if you are using Windows 10 then save it as .bat (named “1click.bat”).

Step 4

Now, you just have to run this batch file as an Administrator.

Now, just wait till it runs the process to activate the free license key for the MS office suite.

And, it is done!

Don’t forget to check whether the Office 2016 365 licenses with the keygen is activated or not.

Note – Once you have activated the MS Office activator code, you have a good 30 days to use the Free-Trial and the generator key.

Retail Suites of Available Microsoft Office 2016

For Windows PC

Microsoft Releases different suites under each of its versions here are the retail suites that are available for Windows PC-

1. Microsoft Office Home & Standard Suite 2016
2. Microsoft Office Professional Plus Suite 2016
3. Microsoft Office Standard Suite 2016
4. Microsoft Office Home & Business Suite 2016
5. Microsoft Office Professional Suite 2016

Retail Suites for Mac

Here are the Retails suites which are available for the Mac PC-

1. Microsoft Office Home & Student Suite 2016
2. Microsoft Office Home & Business Suite 2016
3. Microsoft office standard Suite 2016

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What’s New in Microsoft Office 2016 ( Features)

Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the versions launched by Microsoft for its office suite which has lots of amazing features. The version was launched with some newly added and improved features which made the suite more productive than its earlier versions.

The productivity of the computer lies in the suite of tools/programs installed in it. When it comes to office applications, Microsoft is the only company that provides a total range of office tools in one package. In September 2015, Microsoft launched Office 2016 as a successor of Ms office 2013 with new features and advanced options.

Here are the features of the Microsoft Office 2016-

  • Tell Me

This feature was newly added to Microsoft office 2016. This is an assistant to help you when using the suite and guide you about the tools.

  • Improved Excel Charts

Microsoft has added a new chart type in its 2016 version of the office suite. The newly added chart includes- treemap, waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, sunburst.

  •  Attachments

The suite now allows the users to attach the files from the recent items in OutLook. Users can share them through Sharepoint or OneDrive.

  • Mail Triage

The Microsoft office 2016 has a special feature in Outlook that would recognize your mailing pattern and would prioritize the emails accordingly in a separate folder.

  •  One Drive Integration

The Office 2016 suite allows users to integrate the files with OneDrive, i.e. users can access the office suite from anywhere.

  •  Easy Sharing

It has made sharing documents even easier for users. The users would just need to click on the share button provided in the ribbon and they would be able to give the file access to others.

  • Improved Interface

This version of the Microsoft office has got a new improved interface which is much more convenient to use.

Download 100% Working MS Office 2016 ISO

Here you get to download the original version of MS Office 2016 from an ISO file without having to burn a CD or anything.

First, you need to go to their main website.

Complete your download and extract the genuine ISO image from the zip file called;

For 32 Bit Version


For 64 Bit Version


Once you extract the ISO file, here is what you actually get.

Run the Setup.Exe File

Now click on ‘Install Now’

Your MS Office 365 2016 should be installed in your C:/Program File  Drive now.

So, now you have three methods by which you can activate your Microsoft Office 2016 full and premium version without having to shed out a single penny.

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Let me know how it worked and hope to bring you more product key rescues in the future.

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