6 Best Websites similar to Cyro.se in 2021

Cyro.se had been the best online streaming website for movies and tv shows. You can find all the latest high definition videos and series on the site. But unfortunately, the site had been taken down due to some issues and penalty and there is no sign of it coming back on any sooner.

You can watch the videos on YouTube or any other streaming website but they are not free. It needs a subscription and not all of us ready to pay for them. So we had been searching over the web for some time now and have listed down the best online streaming website similar to Cyro.se which provides you with the latest movies and series for free.

6 Best Websites like cyro.se movies

1. HD Popcorn


HD popcorn is one of the best online movie streaming sites that is very much similar to what Cyro has to offer. You can even download these movies with just a few clicks without having to pay any penny for it. These sites are completely legal and are used by movie enthusiasts all over the world.

You can easily select the genre, language, release year, and trending movie from the home page itself. The movies are available in HD quality for up to 1080p. Moreover, if you are looking for a TV series and other shows, you can easily download it from this site itself.

Site Url: HD popcorn

2. Movies Couch

Movies couch

This is a brand new site if compared to other sites that are available on the web. But this too is somewhat very close to what we had seen in Cyro.se. Movies Couch is a unique platform indeed, where you not only get to download movies and tv shows but you can also check out more details about each movie. The synopsis, ratings, actors, directors, and even the trailer has been put up to give you every info you need before you download the movie.

The main home page has the list of trending movies as well as on the menu option you can select the language in which you need the movie. Also, you can select from categories such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistani, Punjabi, Dual Audios, Seasons that are for TV series, and different genres to select from.

Site Url: Movies Couch

3. F Movies

F movie is yet another site for downloading HD quality movies and tv shows. The best part of this site is you can sign in and mark all your favorite movies, the ones you have seen and links to the movies. You can keep track of everything you see and whichever you have to see next.

From the menu bar on the home page, you can select the genre, pick out your favorite movies by selecting them by ratings and based on what’s trending, also you can select the TV series from the list accordingly. All you need to do is click on whichever movie you like and tap on the download link provided.

Site Url: F movie

4. Pure Flix

Pure Flix

Pure Flix is another alternative if you were a fan of Cyro.se. Though this site isn’t exactly the same as Cyro but has many updates just like other streaming sites for which we pay a monthly subscription. 

If you wish to download any movies or any tv series from the site you need to subscribe to it. You can start off with a free trial for a month and to continue further you need to pay a small amount. It all depends on you if the services are good enough and the video quality, you can surely go for it.

Site Url: Pure Flix 

5. G2GFM Movies

G2GFM Movies

G2GFM movie is a great and a pretty simple site to surf on to get the best movies to watch just like we have seen in Cyro. All the genres are clearly mentioned on the menu bar on the home page. All you have to do is select from any one of them whichever you prefer to watch, and the list with all the movies will appear on the site.

The site is updated every day with all the latest movies, tv-series, and has a vast library of collections. The movies are of HD quality depending on the release of the movie. If you are looking for something to rely on, this could be it.

Site Url: G2GFM movie

6. Xmovies 8

Xmovies 8 is one of the oldest movie streaming site that has been used by a number of viewers all over the world. From downloading movies to tv series they have all of it. You can simply log in or sign up to maintain the list of movies you have seen or mark the favorite ones.

Moreover,  there are so many movies that it could be difficult to search them through. Therefore, the categories are divided by genre, country, ratings, TV-series, Top-IMDB rating, Most Watched, etc. The site is very simple to navigate and everything is free to watch and download.

Site Url: Xmovies 8



So, these are the best sites you can bet your stakes on while downloading movies or your favorite tv series in various languages and genres from all over the world. All of them are mostly free and would never charge a penny for downloading any movie.

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Also, if you are simply tired of paying a hefty amount of money to so many streaming sites with different content, this could be the solution to all of it. You wouldn’t need any VPN software to search content on torrent sites as everything is covered by these sites. All the movies you would see are in HD quality of 720p and 1080p. 

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