Know Everything about Akamai NetSession – Should You Remove it?

Many incidents happen where you come across a program called Akamai NetSession client developed by Akamai technologies. The Akamai NetSession is an interface program installed by Akamai to improvise your downloads.”

Now, a lot of questions comes in your mind like:-

“I didn’t installed the tool where did it come from?”

“Should I remove it?”

“If I remove it, will it harm my computer or data?”

“What is the purpose of using Akamai NetSession?”

Well, today we have made an ultimate guide which will give you information about the Akamai NetSession interface and many more things. So, without wasting any time let’s quickly get started.

What is Akamai Netsession?

The Akamai Netsession interface is a download manager that helps to enhance the speed as well as the quality of downloads which is being done via the internet. It offers you to enjoy faster, more reliable application, data and media downloads from the variety of sources you choose.

Moreover, when you download software from companies which is offering PDF files, documents, and media streams, then there is a probability of getting the download powered by Akamai NetSession interface.

The Akamai NetSession client delivers content from the other end-users computer, which is mainly based on peer-to-peer networking. So, whenever users request a download of some large files, it prompts the files to download and install “Akamai NetSession Interface.”

The good thing is that this software doesn’t operate like a simple download manager but also as a peer-to-peer server, delivering content cached on the user’s computer to other user’s computer.


Is Akamai NetSession Client a Virus?

Well, if you install Akamai NetSession as a part of BIOS update or via the company that uses this interface, your Firewall may flag it as a Spyware. However, this Firewall alarm is entirely a false alarm.

The Akamai NetSession tool is not a Spyware or malware. It’s installed with your permission, and you have the freedom to uninstall it whenever you want. Moreover, is you see this warning from your firewall it doesn’t mean that you’re facing security vulnerability. The tool is entirely non-intrusive and will never share your private data.

Akamai® NetSession Interface

Since, the Akamai NetSession improvise the download speed and gives users a stable connection, so for individual companies, removing it could slow down things. Apart from this, it might breakdown some of the application as well.

Now a lot of famous companies use this interface to offload their web server and improve the user experience. Companies such as NASA, 99Tests, 5Miles, Absolutions, Airbnb, and Adobe are some of among them.

Well, if you finally decided to uninstall this tool, then be sure to check what programs is Akamai NetSession using. Also, if you don’t know, then you can get this information by opening the Control Panel and then Akamai NetSession.

What are the features of the Akamai NetSession Interface?

Here are some of the features of Akamai NetSession Interface:-

1. The Akamai NetSession is a software which helps you to deliver faster as well as more reliable downloads.

2. The extension of Akamai’s Global Server network that allows companies and their customers to complete downloads effortlessly.

3. The Akamai NetSession is exceptionally secure and supports SSL security as well.

4. Entirely free of spyware, malware or other intrusive software.

5. Akamai NetSession client startup doesn’t view or share any private data on your machine.


Is netsession_win.exe Akamai NetSession client needed on Windows 10?

Usually, the Akamai NetSession client is not a Windows program, and you don’t have to install it on your PC. However, if you need to quicken your downloading and uploading services, then I would recommend you to download the Akamai NetSession client.

Therefore, you should download the netsession_win.exe Akamai NetSession Client on Windows 10 and if you don’t want it, just remove within seconds. Also, it is safe and secure to run on your PC. By default, the NetSession is saved in C:\Users\USERNAME and you can find the Akamai NetSession interface download here which means the netsession_win.exe files are running well on Windows 10.

How to remove Akamai NetSession Client?

If you have decided to uninstall this service, then follow the given below instruction:-

Method 1: Uninstalling Akamai NetSession Client using Uninstaller Program

For Windows System follow the steps:-

1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

2. In the control panel section tap on the ‘Add or Remove Programs Tool’ to open it.

3. Look for the Akamai NetSession Interface and select it and right-click on it.

4. It will open Change/Remove button tap on it and continue.

5. Tap on ‘Yes’ when the system, asks for your permission to uninstall Akamai NetSession.

6. Now follow on-screen prompts, and that’s it.

Note: If you want to see the complete changes restart your system.

For Mac Machine

If you are using Mac, then you need to follow the given below steps

1. First, open up the ‘Finder Tool.’

2. Now search for Akamai NetSession Interface.

3. Once you have searched for NetSession go to the folder which is containing the tool.

4. Now, you can see the uninstaller app along with other files — just double tap on the uninstaller app.

5. That’s it follows on the screen prompts to complete the installation.

Method 2: Uninstall Akamai NetSession using Command Prompt

For Windows Machine

1. Press the Windows Key and tap on the Search Bar.

2. Type ‘Command Prompt’ or ‘CMD’ in the search box and press enter.

3. You can see the command prompt application, open it.

4. Now go to the Akamai NetSession client installer folder using DOS commands.

5. In case you don’t know the DOS commands here we have mentioned it:-

Cd Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Akamai

Note: Make sure to hit the enter button after each line and remember to change <username> with your account user name.

6. Now, type “admintool.exe uninstall-force” without quotes and hit the Enter button again.

7. It will take a few seconds to uninstall the Akamai tool from your computer.

For Mac Machine

1. First, open the Applications and then, open Utility Folder.

2. Now double left-click on the Terminal and go to the Akamai NetSession installation folder using the Terminal.

It will be located at ~ /Application/Akamai

3. Once you’re in the terminal, type the following command, and press Return key ./admintool uninstall -force.

4. Wait until the process is completed.

That’s it you have successfully uninstalled the Akamai NetSession Client tool from your computer.

In a Nutshell

Is the guide helpful or not?

So far we have discussed the Akamai NetSession Client, and I end my statement by saying that using Akamai NetSession Client on your computer is entirely safe and secure. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to keep it or remove it from your system.

Moreover, the company itself says, “It is not permanently installed on your machine; you have the options to remove it anytime.” Hence, the Akamai NetSession is just an add-on for PC and is free of any spyware or malware.

If you still have issues regarding Akamai NetSession then do enlighten them in the comment section. If you have any queries or suggestion, then do let us know in the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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