7 Best Backpage Alternative Sites in 2020- 100% Legal

Backpage had always been one of the best destinations to post classified ads. It started back in 2004 when it rose to fame and people from all across the world used platforms meant to post ads. It was related to all kinds of things such as business, food, gigs, jobs, etc. But things began to descend as these ads were being used to promote trafficking, selling drugs, and other illegal activities. This happened across all the cities of the United States. Apart from all the illegal activities, it was a great source of advertising. To tackle the issue and bring back the purpose of classified ads into the market once again. We have hunted down 7 Best backpage alternative Sites for your benefit which are legal and secure. 

The official site i.e. Backpage.com had been seized as of 9th April 2008 including all its affiliate sites. You can easily go to their webpage and see for yourself. The notices put up by the government of the United States against the illegal activity.

These classified ads are much cheaper and easier to reach large masses. Hence, to make things easier for you, do not forget to check out the sites mentioned below.

7 Best Backpage Alternative Sites in 2020

1. Craigslist- Best Backpage Alternative Sites

If there is one site that has been the first choice after Backpage went down is Craigslist. This classified ads site has an extensive list of users who have been placing ads on the site from all over the world.

Craigslist- Best backpage alternative sites

More specifically, the site has an extensive option to make an account and select the country or the city you want to place your Ad into. Similarly, as a user, you can select any city from around the world and search for anything you like. Since this site has been named as highly secure, any kind of illegal ads are removed automatically from the site and the account is banned after certain activities. 

Furthermore, from jobs to paid gigs, you can get everything you need. If you are looking to sell something, this is your go-to place. Well, the site does not take the responsibility of any kind of transaction person but does take care of everything happening on the site.

2. Classified Ads

Anything remotely close and very obvious to the Backpage version is Classified Ads. The name has been kept in the most literal terms to bring users to peace with the sole purpose of building the site. The UI of the site is very colorful yet very easy to navigate and select the purpose of visiting the site. This is just another option for you to choose from the best backpage alternative sites we have been listing here.

Classified Ads- Backpage

Now, the site gives a free option to post a classified on the site, so you may have to choose the word to put up wisely. If you have no idea how to post an ad, you can check out the tutorial on the site for a better idea. There is an extensive search option that helps you to search from multiple categories that include Jobs, Gigs, Item for sale, Rent, vehicle, etc. Everything you need or may need in the future is here.

3. Free Ads Time

Free Ads Time is yet another brilliant addition to the sites where one can post genuine free ads every time they need it. The UI is very clean and easy to navigate however it may take a little time to get your way through in the beginning. Also, you can choose a location from all over the world as listed on the home page.

Free Ads Time- Classified Ads

Users can easily make an account on the site and post an ad for free along with images. There are some other options as well where you can search for business and lit one as yourself or even sell a product. Make sure you do not create spam or your account may get blocked. Also, in the search section, you can type in anything you are searching for to buy or some projects and tons of results will be available from multiple countries.

4. Locanto

Locanto is another exceptionally sorted site that provides users like you to post free classified ads about your work, jobs, businesses, etc. It may be anything but not illegal or offensive. It was first started in Germany and has now expanded to over 60+ countries adding up new numbers each year. You can select your preferred country and post ads on the site.

locanto- backpage alternative site

Well, there are some fake sites too so make sure you stick to the URL we have provided and you do not fall trap of the other identical sites. There are tons of categories to choose from that include classes, community, events, For Sale, Jobs, personals, and many more. In fact, for much-filtered search results, you can set up a limited number of areas that you want to cover for your search by setting up a number of kilometers.

5. Geebo

Geebo is an American site based on free Classified ads which were founded in the year 2000. The site has been populated through partnerships with specialty advertising sites, and free listings posted by private individuals. Moreover, some of the categories that this site features are employment, real estate, automotive and general merchandise.

Geebo- backpage replacement

This site has always been concerned about keeping its clients and customers safe at all time. Any illegal activity or offensive posts have been given special attention so that no individual false pray to such content. To take necessary action, the company removed the personal section from the list of its categories for much safer browsing. 

6. GumTree

Yet another important website that served as the best backpage replacement sites in the year 2020 has to be Gumtree. This is a British online classified advertisement and community website founded in the year 2000. It has been constantly named as the best site for classified ads and was one of the top 30 websites in the UK, receiving 14.8 million monthly unique visitors according to a traffic audit in 2010.


The UI is very clean and simple. You can easily go through the site that has categories such as Motors, For Sale, properties, jobs, services, etc. The home page consists of a listing of all the items for sale out up by people from all over the world. In fact, to make things easier for you, the company has launched an application for Android and Mac users where you can buy and sell the products easily.

7. Oodle

Oodle is an interesting and light website for all those looking to post classified ads. It was started in California around 2004 and had been present in the market much before Backpage was shut down. Since then the site has gained momentum and has been known to be providing tons of matches for people.

oodle- backpage replacement site

As said, it is one of the largest classified ads marketplaces and has been aggregating listings from sites like eBay, ForRent.com, BoatTrader.com, as well as local listings from local newspapers and websites. To keep with spam profiles and fake users, the site has been encouraging users to connect their site with their Facebook profile for more authenticity to their ads. Also, Oodle provides its classifieds content for publication on external websites through the use of an API or simpler JavaScript Widget.

Conclusion- Best Backpage Alternative Sites

Well, these are only a limited number of Best Backpage Alternative websites for the year 2020 that we have been using. These are 100% genuine and have been taking a special focus on removing any spam users or ads from the sites. There cannot be any site much more valuable than Backpage but the list above is very close to what the site wanted to achieve.

You can select from among these sites and pick one out for yourself. For more information and understanding, you can visit the site. And see for yourself which one suits your concepts and ideas better for posting classified ads. If you are comfortable with one of the most used sites then go for craigslist. Otherwise, anything above may work just the same.

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If these sites aren’t good enough or you have been using some other site. Do let us know in the comment sections so that other users can use it as well.

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