5 Best Browser for Mac in 2021- Other than Safari

If you are a Mac or an iPhone user, you might be aware that Apple has always personalized their applications and software from all the other available online. You might have used the Safari browser by Apple, but let’s face the truth it isn’t the best overall. So, we decided to list the best browser for Mac in 2020 that you can choose from for the best result.

Safari browser is a standard application to surf on the internet on all Macbooks. You can either stick to that or change it for your convenience. There are tons of browsers available on the web but not all are stable enough, so you have to select the perfect one which is being used by millions so fusers all over the world.

Well, you already have Safari, but we thought of listing out something much better and faster than suing Safari all life long. So sit back and let’s look at the list.

5 Best Browser for Mac in 2020

1. Google Chrome- Best Browser for Mac

Well, there is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best browsers loved by users all over the world. Not only Mac but be it any operating system, you can beat this. Surely there are some issues with this but it can be avoided to a large extent considering the advantages it has. Moreover, it is absolutely free and available on the Apple Store to download.

Google Chrome- Best browsers for Mac

Mostly all the users you will meet in your lifetime would recommend you to use Google Chrome since it is the fastest web browser as well. You can open multiple tabs and switch between them very freely. MacBook has multiple features as well that work perfectly well from the Chrome browser. Also, you can easily zoom in and out on the browser using the touchpad.

For some added features, there are tons of plugins available right at your fingertips such as all the applications introduced by Google for example Sheets, Docs, Photos, Drive, Gmail, etc. All of these are one-touch away from you.


  1. Fast and highly Secure
  2. Multiple Plugins Available
  3. Support for Parental Controls
  4. Easy to Use and Manage


  1. Kills Battery faster
  2. You may lose all tabs if accidentally close one in a window

2. Opera- Best Web Browser for Free VPN

Opera browser is yet another incredible web browser and shares a somewhat similar texture to Google Chrome. Surely it isn’t the exact match and has amazing features of itself that make it a next possible alternative to the Safari browser.

Opera Browser- Best Browser

It has a stunning yet clean UI, very simple to use and browse the web. As it is known to be one of the best browsers for Mac, you can expect greatness from its speed and response. Well, it is disappointing to know that not many users prefer this over other browsers even though it works brilliant for slow websites and saves data.

One of the most significant features of this browser is that it has an in-built ad-blocker and a free VPN to work with. You can easily browse Torrent sites and can even use public Wifi without any security issues. Moreover, there are plenty of themes to choose from keeping it unique and personalization.


  1. Integrated ad-blocker
  2. In-built Free VPN
  3. Clean and stunning UI
  4. Secure and easy to navigate


  1. Extensions are not easy to find
  2. Lower Adoption

3. Mozilla Firefox- Best Browser for Security

Firefox has always been known to provide the best services when it comes to securing the way you use the Internet or browse on the web. Mozilla has been in the race for the best browser for Mac for a decade and it has been always among the top ones. The reason is very obvious as it has gained trust from the users on the service it provides.

Mozilla Firefox- Best browser for Mac

Over the years, the developers have upgraded the browser multiple times. Even though it is still slower than Chrome and Opera but works for the best. Especially when it comes to personalizing it as per your need. The UI is very simple and easy to navigate. There aren’t as many plugins as Chrome provides but the ones already present are great to work on.

The most important part of Mozilla Firefox is that it keeps your data and files protected from any malware while browsing on the web and keep your system safe at all times. This is the reason it is one of the best browsers there is. There is some special version only available for iPhone users to keep the data private and secure.


  1. Faster and Reliable
  2. Provides high security
  3. Light UI and easy to navigate
  4. Excellent network security


  1. Fewer Plugins than Chrome
  2. Uses more memory than expected

4. Brave- Best Emerging Browser for Mac

Brave Browser is newly designed and introduced some time back and made a huge impact since then. Many of you may not have heard the name itself since it is highly underrated but has incredible features and capabilities to outshine the rest. It is secure, faster, and reliable than many browsers out there.

Brave Browser- Best Browser 2019

It made its debut in the year 2016 and has been upgraded multiple times. The main focus it has kept is on removing as many ads from the website you visit as possible. This will help to keep the annoying ads away and make you browse websites calmly. The UI is very rich in colors and looks stunning. 

The most significant part of the Brave browser lets you use Tor right in the Tab.  It will not only hide your history but will also mask your location from the sites you visit by routing your browsing through several servers before it reaches your destination. These connections are encrypted to increase anonymity.


  1. Faster browser than most
  2. Highly secure and reliable
  3. Earn rewards for viewing privacy-respecting Ads
  4. Block data-grabbing ads and trackers


  1. Unclear how widespread the tokens will become
  2. Blocks all ads creates concerns for bloggers depending on Adsense

5. Vivaldi- Best Browser for Mac for Customization

There might be a slight chance that many of you may not have heard about the Vivaldi browser. It made its debut in the year 1994 and has been working on improving itself and stand from the crowd. With constant hard work and upgrading, it has been listed among the best browsers there is for Mac.

Vivaldi Browser- Best Web browser for Mac

It is similar to Google Chrome as it uses Chromium Engine. But of course not the same once you start using it. The main focus of this browser has always been to provide its users with the most personalized experience so that one can choose the way their browser looks entirely. Also, you can use all the extensions as provided on Google Chrome here in Vivaldi Browser.

With the ideology to provide you with tons of customization options, there has been no compromise made when it comes to privacy and security in the way you browse the web. It is easy to navigate and use the browser for those looking for an alternative to Safari or Google Chrome. All the extensions are easily available as well.


  1. Incredibly Customizable
  2. Use Chrome web store extensions
  3. Highly Secure and private
  4. Block ads or not- your choice


  1. Not the fastest
  2. Always not the obvious choice

Verdict- Best Web Browser

Here we are with all the best browsers for Mac and the list is something you cannot ignore. Surely you have the choice to avoid all the above and go for Safari. But then Safari is a bit boring and not the best among all these. 

Always explore for a much better option if they are easily available for you. Even if you are not very sure about them there is no harm in trying any of these since they are highly secured and tested by millions of users before you.

The only thing that you need to see while selecting one is what is it you are looking for, whether its security, speed, customizations, stability, data storage, extension, etc. There are so many things that you must look out while selecting one. Well, Google Chrome is the only alternative user always thinks of but here we have out up some of the best you might not be aware of.

So, explore more and choose the best. But, do not forget to comment below if you have a better option or any feedback for other users having trouble choosing.

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Happy Browsing!!

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