5 Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android latest updated 2021

This Post is updated on June 15, 2020

Well, if you are a Nintendo fan and a crazy gamer just like us, then we have got something really fantastic for you. We have listed down the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android so that you have the best ones to play each day.

Nintendo is one of the most iconic and popular handheld Gaming consoles in the entire world. Not only this it has been named as the world’s largest video game company similar to PSP and Game Boy Emulator. There are hundreds of games available such as Mario, Modern Warfare 3, Star Wars, Pokemon, The Sims, etc. 

We are now talking about the best NDS Emulator in 2020 to play all these fantastic games. Some of them have been highly rated and recommended by the top gamers, and reviewed so that you can make the right choice.

5 Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android

1. Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator is one of the best ds emulators and is on the top of the charts among the many options available. It has been designed by Exophase and provides a remarkable experience. Moreover, if you have an incredible smartphone, this emulator will work best with incredible graphics.

Apart from all this, some known feature of this emulator is:

  1. Improves the Graphics of the Nintendo Games on Android
  2. Play it in either Landscape or Portrait Mode
  3. Increase the speed of the game or fast-forward
  4. Save your game seamlessly
  5. Twist your game using thousands of cheat codes

Well, there are basically two ways you can download this on your Android smartphones. Either by directly searching on Google Play Store, for which you may have to pay a small amount. The second option would be by downloading the .apk file from the web. It may or not be the best choice since not every site is a trusted one. So, it will be your choice.

2. Nds4droid

Nds4droid is a free Nintendo DS Emulator. It has been designed for gaming enthusiasts to try out the Nintendo Compatible games on their Android Smartphones. This emulator works perfectly for Android 6.0 or higher

nintendo ds emulator for android

It is an open-source NDS emulator based on the excellent emulator DeSmuME. The source code can be found on GitHub. Some of the notable features of the emulator are here:

  1. Supports sound for every game you play
  2. Save all your game data hassle-free
  3. Being Open-source, there is always a scope of new things coming up
  4. Free of Cost

To download this DS Emulator, simply go to your Google Play Store, and look for the application. Click on the install button. And that it!! You are good to go. If you are looking for lesser labor on this, simply download the latest version of the nds4droid-47.apk file here.

3. SuperNDS

Super NDS Emulator is one of the highly-rated and one of the best ds emulators for Android. It is a free NDS android emu meaning you can easily download it on your smartphones without paying a penny. Moreover, it has been developed by the Super Classic Emulator team. They have multiple such applications on the Google store available which you can check out.

nintendo ds emulator

Some of the amazing features of this emulator are:

  1. Easy to use and understand
  2. Free of Cost
  3. Requires a ROM on your smartphones to work smoothly
  4. NDS game file (.nds, .zip, .7z, .rar) is necessary to play a game
  5. Copy your own NDS game files to SD card or Internal Memory. (e.g. /sdcard/SuperNDS/)

These are some of the things that are needed to be taken care of. Also, you will come across the SuperDNS Pro Emulator version as well on the Play Store. This is under the development phase and not very stable. But you can get early access to it by paying a small amount.

To download the application, open the play store and search for this emulator. Once you click on the icon, tap on install, and there you are with the best NDS emulator on your Android Phones. Of course, there are often devices with which it isn’t compatible. But you can always get the .apk file on the internet.

4. NDS Emulator

NDS Emulator is the second most highly rated and yet another one of the best NDS emulators for android. It has been developed by CPU Studio and covers all the essential features you will need in a Nintendo DS Emulator. It undoubtedly the perfect option there is but after a review, this seemed better than most of the emulators.

nds emulator

There are loads of features associated with this, let’s check them out:

  1. Save the Game States
  2. Load Game States
  3. Control buttons and game screen editable
  4. Supports Android 6.0+ and External Controller
  5. Free of Cost
  6. Supports NDS files (.nds, .zip ..)

One of the things that can be annoying is the ads associated with them. There are loads of them, but unquestionably it can be ignored for the long term. You can also try out various cheats on the games such as Pokemon, and they all seemed to be working fine. 

To download it, follow similar steps as all of the above ds emulators. Download the application from the Google Play Store and start using it. 

5. RetroArch

RetroArch is yet another noticeable and probably among the list of best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android. This is an open-source platform that makes use of a powerful development interface called Libretro. It is an interface that allows its user to create cross-platform applications that can use rich features such as OpenGL, cross-platform camera support, location support, and more in the future.

best nintendo ds emulator for Android

This application could be the most widely used among gamers with its multiple features available in the emulator. Moreover, RetroArch is a multi-versatile program, meaning in order to run this, you need to update the application and download the modular programs known as “Cores”.

Features associated with this NDS emulator are:

  1. Built-in input remapping
  2. Ability to remap controls
  3. Ability to enter and load cheats
  4. Multi-language support!
  5. Play multiplayer with NetPlay

There are many more such amazing features which you can check out on the Play Store and also download the application free of cost. For more information on the use, visit their official website and understand their code.

Verdict- Best Nintendo DS Emulator

Hopefully, now you can make the right choice by going through each one fo them. It isn’t a challenging task since they all are amazing. The only thing that depends on is the type of smartphone you have. A good smartphone will have no issue with any of the above listed Nintendo DS Emulators.

If you still feel that there are some issues with these emulators, comment here, or you can ping us with your queries. We are sure that there are more such emulators, which you can let us know could be the best. We would love to update in further and keep our viewers informed.

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