6 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 in 2021

If you are a Windows Operating system user, you can surely recall the time when you used the very generic and in-built photo viewer to view any images on the screen. Well, that is not the case right now as there are tons of photo viewers already introduced which has much better features. So, we have brought up a list for the best photo viewer for Windows 10.

Those software and applications used earlier have gotten pretty outdated now. Users have started to adapt to better technology and even much better service using third-party apps. It is high time for you to switch to a better option and have a greater experience with a good photo viewer.

6 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 in 2020

This guide will be the best thing you will see in selecting the best image viewer Windows 10. So, make sure you go through all of the photo viewers on the list and then select one based on which one suits you the best. So without wasting any more second, let’s get on with the list.

1. Movavi Photo Manager- Best photo viewer for Windows 10 with Rich UI

The very first one we have picked up and extensively reviewed is the Movavi Photo Manager. Well, no doubt this is the best Windows 10 photo viewer among many you will see in the list further. You can manage tons of images and videos collectively over this single application. The best part is that it is super easy to handle and navigate. With no complicated UI or buttons, everything is right in front of you with the utmost clarity.

Movavi Photo Manager-Best photo viewer for Windows 10

There is no doubt that it is much better than the Windows photo gallery. Apart from being very simple, the User interface is incredible and neat. The only issue with this is that this is not available for free. You can surely try out for a few days using the trial version but further you will have to pay for the service. In fact, it has multiple products such as photo viewer, photo editors, photo manager or all in one. The same goes for videos as well.


  1. Rich UI and clean design
  2. Multiple products available to suit your needs
  3. Try out the trial version
  4. Easy to use and navigate
  5. Tons of space available


  1. Not available for free
  2. It does not provide similar search results as other apps.

2. Apowersoft Photo Viewer- Best Image viewer that supports multiple formats

Apowersoft is yet another photo viewer for Windows 10 stepping out of the way to give you an excellent experience. It is also one of the best photo viewers for Windows 10 and has an excellent number of products apart from just a photo viewer. Even though it is not free entirely, you can still check out the trial version and have a look at all the features. You will love the UI and features that have been added to this.

Apowersoft- Best photo viewer

From editing to sharing, you get everything on this photo viewer. Also, it is the best tool to view HEIC, JPG, PNG, BMP images perfectly. Apowersoft has the most friendly user interface and lets you view the image with a single click. Moreover, the performance is top-notch and does not even slow down your CPU no matter the storage you occupy.


  1. Take screenshots in a single click
  2. Supports multiple formats
  3. Edit and share the images instantly
  4. Friendly User interface and ease of use


  1. Not free of cost
  2. No in-built image converter available

3. Google Photos- Best Online photo viewer for Windows 10

You might already be aware of Google Photos which you are using on your Android Device. Every smartphone has been pre-installed with the Google photos that connect with your mail-id and sync all your photos from your phone to it. Similarly, there is an application for Windows 10 as well as a photo viewer. 

Google Photos- Best Image Viewer

Some of the best parts of this software are that all your photos from your phone can be available on your PC without having to transfer it or save it. In fact, another significant part is Google’s search console where you can type anything such as “photos of the new year 2018” and boom there you have all your photos of that day. It sounds like a dream but it is actually true. Many smartphone users aren’t aware of it even.

Moreover, it is absolutely free of cost. No upfront fee, or GST or anything. It is one of the best online photo viewers for Windows 10. And provides a great deal of space of about 16GB to store videos and images only.


  1. Free of cost
  2. Best online photo viewer and easy to use
  3. 16GB of space available to store images and videos
  4. Excellent Google’s search console
  5. User Interface is the best among all


  1. No dedicated application available for PC’s
  2. Being an Online tool requires an Internet connection at all times

4. IrfanView- Best Lightweight photo viewer for Windows 10 

If you are looking for an application that takes up the least space this is for you. Irfan view can be downloaded from the web for only 3MB space. All your photos and videos are highly secure and easily available whenever you need them. It has a pretty familiar interface as to what you must have used before. So, it is a lot easier to use and learn on the go.

Irfan Photo viewer

All the options to edit, save, share, print, etc are on the top menu bar which you can easily access once you download the software on your Windows 10. You can choose between a 32-bit or 64-bit system depending on the system you have. Moreover, it is completely free and has no hidden costs at all. This software provides batch processing that allows processing media files very fast.


  1. Take up very less space and keep the system steady
  2. Easy to use and navigate
  3. Supports tons of formats
  4. Free of cost
  5. Supports more than 50 plugins


  1. UI isn’t the best
  2. Very generic features overall

5. 1 2 3 Photo Viewer- Best photo viewer from Microsoft Store

Well, those who are not willing to try any third-party software, you can go for 1 2 3 photo viewer. It is available on Windows 10 app store and you can easily download it from there. With over a million downloads it has been loved by users all over the world. This software has been around for over 5 years now and is probably one of the best available officially in the store.

1 2 3 Photo viewer

Some of the exclusive features that make it stand away from the crowd is the fact that it supports WEBp, DDS, TGA, PSD, and many raw file formats aside from all the common file formats. Also, it supports batch operations including format conversion, size change, and renaming. You need not go to the open option from the menu to open an image, simply drag and drop your file in the application.


  1. Easy Navigation and excellent UI
  2. Free of cost on Microsoft Store
  3. Supports batch operations and multiple formats
  4. Fastest magnification experience


  1. Look and feel may not be the best you have used
  2. Hangs up the system sometimes

6. FastStone Image Viewer- Best User-friendly Image Viewer for Windows 10

Lastly, but not least, we have FastStone Image viewer. Simply one of the best and highly reliable software to manage all your photos and videos. It is fast, stable, user-friendly to be able to use all the features such as a converter, image browser, and editor. Everything has been collectively provided in this single photo viewer.

FastStone Image viewer- Photo viewer Windows 10

Some of the many features that it has included a true Full-Screen viewer with image zoom support and unique fly-out menu panels. Also, there are tons of formats that this photo viewer Windows 10 support for all kinds of images there might be. The company recently released the latest version 7.4 in the month of August. Other features include a high-quality magnifier and a musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects, as well as lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram and much more.


  1. Fast load speed and user-friendly
  2. 150+ transitional effect on slideshows
  3. Powerful image editing tools provided
  4. Free of cost
  5. Even supports touch interface


  1. Scrolling on the software is slower
  2. UI could have been better

Verdict- Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

After intensive research and multiple tools that we came across, not one but two of them surely stand out of the crowd. We would pick up Movavi as the paid version and for the free version, we would definitely go for Google photos. It is totally up to you. If you do not wish to pay for a photo viewer, there are 4 other options that are free of cost.

We have tested them out properly on our systems and they all work out pretty good. So, according to your choice next you can simply pick from the list given above without a second thought. If you wish to have software that is the lightest you also have an option for that. Yes, they all have some issues, but it is manageable so that should not be a problem in the long run.

For more information on How to Activate Windows 10, follow the link given here.

Until then if you are unable to select one by yourself, you can just follow our recommendation and go for it. Otherwise, leave your queries below if you have been using something else so that others can use it as well for the greater good.

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