Top 5 Best Public DNS Server for Free (Feb 2021)

Well, you all know how important it is to have the best Public DNS server for all your activities over the internet. It is not an easy task sometimes to pick the best one for yourself, as it requires incredible searching and testing of each among the 100’s of options available

If you are not aware or do not have any idea about the DNS server, well we have got it covered everything that you need to know before you pick good Public DNS server. There are some really fast and reliable options while some may not be the best choice depending on your preference and conditions. 

So, let’s take a look at the best public DNS servers that you can get for free.

What is a DNS Server?

A DNS (Domain Name System) server is known to be a server that stores the DNS records for a domain and provides the corresponding answers as the IP address to your queries which are the domains that you enter over your browser.

We all know how easy it is to remember a domain name such as than remembering a bunch of number sequences like an IP address To make things easier and more efficient between the humans and computers, DNS serves comes into action where they tend to facilitate the domain names from us over the web and send the IP address on the serves as results.

These servers are automatically provided by your Internet Service Providers (ISP) when you are getting an internet connection. But not all of them are reliable and fast enough. So, it is always better to research a bit and choose the best option which is much more reliable and fast.

Advantages of using public DNS Servers

1. DNS servers provide the perfect solution of converting the Domain names to their IP address and send it over to the servers you are connected to. No matter how good you are with numbers, keeping names in mind is the easiest thing and that is what DNS servers are for. 

Each person looking to visit any particular website needs to type a Domain name to reach the site. This system also makes it easier to browse the search engines especially if you are a person who uses more than anything else.

2. Security issues over the internet have become a major concern. There are 100’s and 1000’s of people over the Internet sharing the same server. This increases the risk of your system being hacked without you being aware of it. It becomes very important in such cases to get the Best DNS server so that not only you get good speed but also have a secure connection.

3. The most important part of a good DNS server is the speed of the connection. If you chose the best public DNS server, it will provide you with incredible speed and security. Each one of us is looking for a good internet connection that loads the browser faster and better. This is a major advantage of having a DNS server since they look to provide the fastest internet connections.

5 Best Public DNS Servers of 2020

1. Google Public DNS Server

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Google tends to provide all its users with a free DNS server. It is listed among the best and one of the most reliable ones that you would come across. We have been using Google mostly every day and use all of its major services very thoroughly.

Most of its users may not have heard about this before since there are so many services that we are already occupied with. Not only this, Google provides a wide range of features that would help you understand the choice behind this. Google is the most secure and reliable organization you will ever come across. Moreover, since you already know that Google connects the entire world, which means it can serve a lot of users’ requests within seconds. 

Also, if speed is the thing you are worried about, then you would know how Google works and is knows mostly because of its speed. Whereas the only issue would be that it is not going to be easy if you are new to this. As it may get complicated and only suitable for professionals.

2. Open DNS Server

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Open DNS is one of the most reliable and probably the oldest platform providing an excellent DNS server since 2006. In 2015, CISCO occupied Open DNS who then enhanced it in every possible way. You will be thrilled to know that Open DNS is free as well. So this is yet another option you can vouch for.

Well, the Open DNS server helps to lead the websites faster with 100% up-time, provides over 50 customizable filtering categories and blocks the spam websites that try to steal the id of the user. They also have a paid service too which would provide you with your entire history of the internet activity for as long as up to last year, also for better security, you can easily lock down your system and give rights to the specific website only.

3. Cloud Fare DNS

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

The Cloud Fare DNS server goes popularly by their IP address It has been named as one of the top-rated DNS servers for their support and service overall. The company believes in providing high-end security to its users.

According to the DNSPerf website, Cloud Fare is one of the fastest DNS servers among the many we have seen. Moreover, it is compatible to work for almost every Operating system that includes Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and other routers as well. The best part of this is, it has excellent customer support. You can always put up questions on their community forum for any help further needed.

4. Comodo Secure DNS

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is a part of the well-renowned cybersecurity company named Comodo cybersecurity. They provide security products for every kind of system to protect your system from any malware threats. Comodo Secure DNS is one such initiation from the company since the 2000s providing a reliable and much secure Internet connection. Moreover, this server has been named to as the Best DNS server for gaming for a very long time because of its speed and stability.

This DNS server is available for free which you can gain access to the official website. Though there would be limited features to it whereas if you are looking for your organization you can try out the paid packages as well.

5. Verisign DNS

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Verisign DNS

The Verisign Public DNS is a free DNS server that has been providing three major features making it one of the best choice compared to the alternatives. Those three being Privacy, Stability, and Security. This is everything you need to be looking for in a good DNS server. The company assures that your data will never be sold for any purpose to the third parties, you will get a stable and robust connection, and a safe connection will be provided from any flaw over the Internet.

The configuration setup is available on their official website which is very easy to implement. This is available for Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OSX (10.10.5), Linux and routers. For more information on how the entire process is carried out, you can visit the website.


These are the 5 Fastest DNS Servers that would find over the web. To configure these DNS servers you need you to need to visit the official sites of these Public DNS servers and follow the instructions. The corresponding IP addresses are provided to each of them, so accordingly it will be very easy to continue things likewise.

If you are looking for an alternative for sites, visit the link here.

Also, take into account which would be the best option for your system or your need. Some of these DNS servers also provide paid services with much-advanced features and functions. This can be beneficial to everyone who has a large organization and would be looking for a secure connection overall. 

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