6 Best SNES Games of all times that must download now

SNES or the Super Nintendo Entertainment system as we know it has been one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time. It has been introduced in the ’90s but still tons of people still own the console and enjoy all the classics. If you are one of them, well we have created a list just for you where you can check out the best SNES games of all times.

Since the time it came to the market, no other console had been able to par the level and fame it created then. The gaming console sold out within hours and gamers were crazy to play with it all day long. As of now surely we do have the Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo switch, etc.

But playing the old and classic games has its own benefits and satisfaction. So, without getting too much into history, let us get onto the list of best SNES games and make sure you are ready to fall into the nostalgia that this list is going to bring to you.

Here we go!

Best SNES Games of all times

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular game series introduced by Nintendo for every gaming enthusiast. “A Link to the Past” is the third part of this game series that had been introduced in the year 1992 and took the internet by storm. You may have also come across Breadth of the Zelda as well, but A Link to the Past had its own time in history.


This game featured a journey of Link who was the main protagonist in the entire series and how he defeats the dark lord and as well saves & rescues descendants on his way. It is an action-adventure game and keeps the gamers engaged for a longer period of time. Furthermore, this game took over the overhead perspective in the game for better gameplay experience. It had been one of the best selling SNES games of all time and sold over 4.61 million copies altogether.

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Initial Released: 1992

2. Chrono Trigger

Have you heard of the Chrono series, the role-playing game? Chrono Trigger brought the entire series into play when it was introduced especially for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It has been known to be yet another greatest video game of all time since the year 1995 after it was released. The game revolves around a group of adventure-seeking characters who traveled through time and saved the planet from a disaster.


Chrono Trigger features multiple endings, plot twists, and loads of twists and turns while you travel alone within the game on the journey. This game world is based on a 2D structure where you are responsible to play as the lead character and also the other companions. This isn’t only an action game but also involves the use of magic to defeat enemies. All of the action sequences and magic effects are handled by a special aspect known as Techs. Once you start playing the game, you will be able to unfold tons of new parts of this game.

Developer: Square

Initial Released: 1995

3. Super Metroid

Super Metroid is a classic action-adventure game that had been developed in 1994 by Nintendo. It is the third part of the Metroid series and one of the best among all released. The game gives a vibe of a movie involving aliens, space travel, sci-fi sequences, and a lot more to keep the game interesting. You will be in control of the lead character who is a bounty hunter.

Super Metroid- Best SNES Game

He is made to travel to an alien planet to rescue an infant stolen by the Space Pirate. You will be more than thrilled to experience the amazing graphics of that time and the idea behind this game. The adventure is beyond any movie you have seen and you will be able to unlock multiple power-ups as you move forward. Some of the varied concepts that you may come across while you play are the inventory screen, an automap, and the ability to fire in all directions.

Developer: Nintendo R&D1, Intelligent Systems

Initial Released: 1994

4. Super Mario World

If you have a SNES gaming console, you might have played the greatest game of all time i.e. Super Mario World. Since the time of the launch of the console, this was the very first game and probably the most successful being the very first one. This is indeed a very unique game that features the side-scrolling platform on which the game is based on. You will come across many levels in this game i.e. around 96 and a lot more as you gradually progress further.


As a gamer, you might have already played the very old and classic Mario Games. Well, the character is Mario or his brother Luigi that you will be controlling and you have to reach a flagpole at each level. Does it sound similar? Yes, the concept is the same as that of Mario games, surely with different graphics and also on a different console. After it was launched, the company was able to sell more than 20 million copies, which is among the highest of that era.

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Initial Released: 1991

5. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI or better say Final Fantasy III as was originally released in North America in 1994. This game was a huge competitor to Super Metroid since they both were released in the same year. Fortunately, people loved both the games and both of them gained huge popularity. This game had set a landmark during its initial year itself and was ranked the second best RPG game.

Final_Fantasy_VI- SNES Games

Final Fantasy is a role-playing game where the game features a rather fantasy world. It has a technology sequence similar to what you may have heard of during the second industrial revolution. The game features around 12 different characters to choose from. Here you will be playing an adventure with magical race, chemical weapons warfare, violence, apocalyptic attacks, and a lot more of such action-packed sequences. Once you lay hands on this game you will never want to get rid of it.

Developer: Square

Initial Released: 1994

6. Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Are you a fan of fighting games? Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the most underrated SNES game that was introduced by Capcom in 1994. It is the fifth part of the Street Fighter II series which has been a successful and very popular series for ages. There are several characters in the game that you can choose from and you will be provided with an opponent to fight.


Each character has its own special moves while fighting. As of this part of the game, the company has introduced some special combo moves such as Super and aerial Combos. It works by pressing a certain combination of buttons on the console. If you defeat your opponents in the fights that have three rounds each will grant you as a winner. Now, you can either go for a training mode to learn or simply start the tournament.

Developer: Capcom

Initial Released: 1994

Final Words- Best SNES Games

These are some of the best SNES games that you will find on the web. Well, probably the gaming console isn’t available to buy if you are new to this. But if you already own it, you can try out the above-mentioned best SNES games of all time. We could have mentioned like a hundred of them but these are the ones that are worth playing.

And let’s be frank, you are probably not going to play all at once. So you can simply check them out if you haven’t yet. And we will come up with more in the near future and keep you updated. Also, make sure you understand the gameplay before you start playing. The graphics are not as same as that of Playstation games you own currently. But there is no way you would want to miss the classic games of the ’90s. In fact, you can visit the official Nintendo site and play SNES games online.

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Also, if you are stuck anywhere or need more information about these games, you can let us know in the comment section below. Furthermore, let us also know about your favorite SNES games that you have played and loved the most.

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