11 Best Torrent Sites 2021- 100% Genuine and Working

The year 2020 is almost over and we are entering into another year. With some amazing movies, videos, games, and much more for entertainment you have tons on your way. To get this all for free you will need some of the genuine and best Torrent sites there is for high-quality downloads. 

You are already aware it is illegal to browse torrent sites. But, you can always use a free VPN for it. If you are a huge torrent fan just like us you have already been using some of the top torrenting sites such as Kickass Torrent, LimeTorrent, ExtraTorrent, etc for ages but unfortunately, almost all the good ones had been banned recently altogether due to law enforcement and duplication of the content.

So, some of the newly introduced Pirate Bay sites, as well as other torrent websites, have emerged to the rescue which you can use to download your favorite content for free. We have listed the best torrenting sites. And we too have been using it for a long time.

#Note: Stay away from forged torrent sites that may harm your system or release any kind of virus on your system during download. Make sure you stick to the list or the ones your friends use and are trusted.

Why use the Best Torrent Sites to download Content?

Well, if you are a torrenting site user and have been searching for the best torrent sites, there are certain things that you must know before you begin.

Being a complete newbie to this part of the world can be a little too overwhelming, but then it is gold when it comes to getting hands on to free stuff. You might be having access to multiple videostreaming sites currently such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hostar, etc. But they are not free. Paying even a small amount for all of these sums up to a hefty amount overall.

This is where torrent sites step in. All of the movies, games, videos, series with multiple video qualities are available on these top torrenting sites. It may sound fishy but it isn’t. Even though it has been deemed against the law you can different kinds of free VPN available on your devices to browse these sites.

The free content is one of the biggest reasons available at any time is why people prefer torrent sites since all these streaming websites will not provide you with old or classic movies that you want to see. Whereas you can simply search on a torrent site and get access to all of the content, such as the entire series in the best video quality.

11 Best Torrent Sites of 2020

Here is the list of top torrent websites that you can use to browse all your favorite content. Let’s have a look at them below.

1. 1337x 

1337x is one of the top torrent sites used all over the world and has been ranked among the best and genuine sites with top content and videos. Though it might have been blocked in certain countries, it still continues to be working actively in the majority of countries with people uploading high-quality videos each day.

1337x- Best torrent site

You can check out multiple categories such as movies, television, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, and other contents that are easily available. Click on the trending downloads and the highest downloaded content as well if you are confused about it.

2. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the oldest running torrent sites and has multiple domains under their names. The official site had been discontinued long back but there are tons of other alternatives that have been deemed genuine and 100% working for users all over. Earlier KickAss Torrents used to rule the internet world for the Best torrent sites, but since they have been banned Pirate Bay has returned to its glory.

The Pirate Bay utorrent DownloadPirate Bay Proxy list

Once you click on its official website, you will find a list of 100’s of domains directing you to a separate pirate bay torrenting site for every country. Just pick one from the list according to the country you belong to and start browsing.

3. YTS

YTS is an excellent movie torrent site for all those looking to download recent movies and also one that had been released years ago. There are tons of domains available under the name of YTS, but none of them is the original owner of the site developed years ago. The original YIFY or YTS torrent site had been banned due to a lawsuit filed against them but many other sites came into being similar to them.

YTS or YIFY Torrent Download

You can download HD quality movies from the torrenting site with the least file size. Also, for ease of use, download the Android app on your smartphone and download movies directly using the BitTorrent downloader.


RARBG is yet another stunning torrent site meant to provide you with some of the highest quality content in categories such as movies, games, shows, software, music, etc. The UI may not look so appealing like other sites you may have come across, but there is no match to the quality of the video content it provides to its users.

RARBG- free torrent

Moreover, it has been ranked among the top torrent sites on Alexa ranking making it perfect for your entertainment. Well, you can even browse all the Top 10 categories, box office collections, etc. If you want to save your search history and other data you can do Guest login from the site itself.

5. LimeTorrents

One of the well known and the best torrent site has to be Lime Torrent. The theme of this site has been yellow-colored based on the color of a typical lemon and the logo itself says lime. Simply go to the site and search for unlimited videos, movies, anime, games, software, shows, music, apps, etc. 

Lime Torrent- Torrent site

For a complete list, you can click on Home on the menu listed above. Also, unlike other sites, you can even create your account to keep track of the downloads and search history for personalization. Furthermore, you can check out their blogs, and some of the most viewed or downloaded torrents so that you can also enjoy that particular content.

6. Torrents

This is a unique torrent site that not only lets you search content for movies and games but also integrates all the search results from multiple other sites such as Torrentz2, Torrentseeker, etc and display their results as well. Torrents is an exceptional built site set it apart from all their torrent sites there is. 

Torrents- Top torrent site

The UI is stunning yet simple and you can click on any of the categories of your choice to browse. Also, this torrenting site has a list of all the other proxy torrent site for you to search on and click for the best results.

7. TorLock

You may not find a lot of best torrent sites that use the .com domain names, but this unique site TorLock does so. It has a straightforward website that is very simple and easy to use. With all the categories mentioned in the drop-down menu, you can browse from any of them. It has recently brought into action but has become popular in a very short time since the results were great.

Torlock- Best torrenting site

Furthermore, the developers of this site have made sure that you can access the top movies, games, music, videos, etc easily which is why they have mentioned the list right on the home page. 

8. Torrentz2

If you have been looking for a site that is the simplest to use and can provide you with the search results from all the sites combined together, Torrentz2 is perfect to go for. Well, it is not even closely similar to what Torrents is known for.

Torrentz2- best torrent sites With a very simple UI and a search option, simply put your search keyword and it will show you the results from all the torrent sites there is. It is more like a search engine where the content isn’t directly loaded by other uploaders. Instead, other site links are connected to it. Torrentz is a meta-search engine (aggregator) and a Multisearch.

9. Zooqle

We have decided to put up Zooqle as one of the top torrent sites and probably one of the best names among these since it has gained popularity over the years. Some of the highly searched and a fresh name to such torrent sites led us to Zooqle. The UI is pretty unclear and it may feel cloudy but that is how it is.


The content on this site is just incredible and there is no match to it. Every piece of content including new or old is right in front of your eyes in multiple languages as well. All you have to do is search for the right one.

10. Kickass Torrent

One of the most iconic and the best torrent sites always had the name of Kickass Torrent on their list. But since it had been shut down days back, we have some of the other proxy sites under its name. It may not be similar but surely is an amazing addition.

Kickass Torrent- Top Torrenting site

You can watch out the main keywords on the top and search for the ones you have been looking for. The list will be displayed below with the best HD quality results. It has menu options such as Categories, Popular, Top and a button for registration as mentioned.

11. EZTV Torrent

 Last, but not least we have EZTV Torrent. This site had been taken down a few years back. But some of the proxy torrent sites are still running under the same name but different domains. It has managed to keep itself among the top names in Alexa Ranking and the job by EZTV has been done perfectly right.

EZTV- bitTorrent download

The look and the UI are old and very cheesy but it works well since the quality matters the most. It is surely a genuine site for all the new users such as yourself. And you can totally trust it to get all the high-level video or audio.

Things to Take care of before downloading from Best Torrent Sites

So, since you have a fantastic list of all the torrent sites. You can move to select one from it. It can be anyone one of them as they are all the best. Torrent is not legal to be used in any country, either you hail from India or the US or any other country. 

If the cyber hub is able to track your IP and that you have been using a torrent site. Then they may take strict actions. There is nothing to worry about for you hopefully. To make sure no harm is done to your system or yourself. You need to use a proper VPN or virtual private network to hide your IP address on your computer or your smartphone.

People all over the world are using the free version of this and in some cases, they pay for it. You can do the same for yourself as well. One of the best options for your phone you can try out is Turbo VPN and even NordVPN. Simply download and run it on your system. Now you can easily browse and download content from the torrent sites.

Verdict- Best Torrent Sites

We are finally here with the top torrent site. That will work out the best for all our needs. You can finally be one of the torrent enthusiasts from now on that can get free videos online. And have to spend any money on the streaming sites.

If we can recommend one from the list, we would go for The Pirate Bay. It has the ultimate list of all the proxy sites based on countries and is highly trusted. But you can choose as per your convenience and the one that works best for you.

Such free torrent sites have been quite useful in every purpose and very easy to use. If at all you are still worried that this may not be legal, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. The VPN network takes care of it no matter what.

If you would like to know more about Avast SecureLine VPN, click on the link for more.

You can also ping us or comment below for any queries or suggestions that you have in kind. 

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