Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2021- Buying Guide

Are you a Gaming Enthusiast and have you been looking for Best Wireless Gaming Mouse? Well, you have landed on the right page. We have been listing down some of the best gaming mouse with newly launched products and others which have been used by some pros over the years.

Now the question arises why not go for a wired mouse? If you are a tech enthusiast like me you already know the answer. But being a beginner you must know that no matter how costly these wireless gaming mouse are, they serve the purpose just right. There are hardly any issues of wires hanging around and the ease of use.

As we have reviewed the best wireless gaming mouse, all of the options have been well-reviewed according to its shape, ease of use, battery life, purpose, etc. There are tons of inputs that you need to look into before picking out the best gaming mouse for yourself. But we have made things easier so do not forget to have a look at the buying guide before selecting the product.

Here is the list of the best gaming mice in 2020.

6 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2020

1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED


  • DPI: 16,000
  • Sensor: Optical Hero 16K
  • Battery: 40+ hours; Rechargeable
  • Buttons: 11
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed is the most popular and one of the best gaming mouse among the 100’s of options available in the market. Well, this is typically the fan’s favorite and loved by every gamer you would come across.

Earlier, the G502 gaming mouse had been introduced in a wired addition but recently it has been upgraded to a more powerful wireless version. It consists of better compatibility, and stability for every game you play. Well, there is doubt that it is a little too expensive, but a great product does have a price to be paid.

The design looks brilliant with an outer matt finish and a sleek curve to give it a specific look. Mostly, all the gaming mice have been given an ergonomic approach to make it more comfortable for players. But not all are designed for left-handed gamers. This mouse weighs about 114g which may not sound a lot but it sure is heavy that most of the other Logitech mouse. The G502 mouse features 11 buttons serving some specific functions. You may find a button beneath the wheel that displays the three illuminated lines for battery life.

The size is simply perfect for everyone and has been built to suit every gamer. Well, the biggest feature of this mouse is Powerplay technology. If you are okay with adding some more money to the total cost you can use the Power Play charging system. The mouse stays charged simply by using it with the POWERPLAY pad. Without this, Logitech quotes up to 48 hours with lighting enabled and 60 hours with lighting turned off.

Another important aspect is the high DPI range you will be getting from this mouse. fROM 100 DPI to 16,000 DPI, you can take the gaming experience to new heights. G-HUB is the software where you can customize settings for every key on the device and play accordingly. Some of the most popular games that you can play are The Witcher, PUBG, etc.


  • Excellent and elegant design
  • The incredible Power Play charging system
  • Customizable buttons on the device
  • Ergonomically comfortable
  • Easy to use and set-up


  • Expensive product
  • Button under the clutch is inconvenient to access

2. Logitech G305 Lightspeed

Logitech G305 Lightspeed


  • DPI: 12,000
  • Sensor: Optical Hero
  • Battery: 250+ hours
  • Buttons: 6
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

Well, if you are looking for some cheaper options especially if you are a beginner, we can totally understand. Here we have Logitech G305 Lightspeed, one of the most affordable options and also brilliant in terms of specs. Considering the fact that these Gaming mice are very costly and G305 is on the lower side.

The design looks pretty satisfying with the beautiful Matte finish all over. Well, this Advanced LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse is built for super-fast 1 ms response time and faster than wired performance. Even though it does not have all the features similar to a high-end mouse, it is perfectly well and powerful in terms of design and performance.

As compared to the G502, it has lower DPI i.e. 12,000, but still gives a great edge to the gaming units you play on and all the high-end games. What attracts the most in this mouse is its exceptional battery life. It runs an incredible 250+ hours on AA batteries. Surely, the batteries are not rechargeable but the ones that you will use works like a beast.

Next up, we have the brilliant ergonomic built on the mouse. Any left or right-handed person can use it with ease. All the six buttons play a special function in all your games. The size isn’t too big as well and fits perfectly in your hand. In this price range, this could be the best you ever have.


  1. Affordable and durable
  2. Lightweight and smaller in size
  3. Ambidextrous
  4. Excellent battery life
  5. Best sensor by Logitech


  1. No rechargeable battery
  2. Consistency issues

3. Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk Ultimate- Best Gaming MiceFeatures

  • DPI: 20,000
  • Sensor: Focus+
  • Battery: up to 100 hours; Rechargeable
  • Buttons: 11
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: Right-Handed

If you are looking for one of the best wireless gaming mouse, you have to consider this beast. Razer Basilisk Ultimate comes with the powerful built Razer’s hyperspeed technology making it incredibly fast. It gives extreme low-latency and interference reduction for true wireless freedom.

This Hyperspeed Wireless gaming mouse is perfect for all the right-handed gamers with a total of 11 buttons fitting perfectly with the structure. All the buttons have multiple functionalities that can be customized according to your gaming needs. Furthermore, it has over 14 zones of custom RGB lighting making it look even better.

For an incredible performance and one of the fastest responses, it has been equipped with 20k DPI and Focus+ sensors. This mouse is known for its ability to provide the best experience for all FPs games.

To add more to its list of achievements, it is easier to charge using the highly convenient dock that will not take up a lot of space on your desk. Very fast charging and lasts for as long as 100+ hours of continuous usage.


  1. Powerful and Reliable
  2. Multi-function paddle
  3. Special Charging dock
  4. Exceptional battery life
  5. Ease of use and superb design


  1. Very expensive
  2. Could have been lighter

4. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum- Best gaming mouse


  • DPI: 12,000
  • Sensor: Optical
  • Battery: up to 30 hours; Rechargeable
  • Buttons: 11
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

The Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse is another incredible addition by the company to the list of some incredible best gaming mice options. Well, this mouse is exceptionally fast hence the name Chaos Spectrum giving out 1ms report rate. YOu get an ultra-fast lag-free wireless connection for an experience of a lifetime.

This device gives you an adjustable 200-12,000 DPI range with zero smoothings or filtering for consistent responsiveness and control at any speed. Furthermore, it runs on the optical gaming sensor providing tracking accuracy making this the best gaming mouse used by pro gamers.

It has been given an ambidextrous design with a Customizable physical button layout. All the 11 buttons on the body can be easily customized according to every gamer and every game you would be playing using the mouse. You will be thrilled to know that it consists of over 16.8 million RGB color combinations, brightness, breathing light patterns and more with free Logitech Gaming Software.

Speaking of the battery, it can last up to over 30 hours in a single charge and exclusive battery-saving Clock Tuning Technology for the longest-lasting wireless gaming mouse. The price isn’t too high as well if compared to other high-end gaming mice.


  1. Customizable fit and control
  2. Excellent battery life
  3. Advanced gaming mouse sensor
  4. Lag-free and super-fast signal
  5. Medium priced product


  1. Poor Customer support
  2. Loses signal sometimes

5. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum


  • DPI: 12,000
  • Sensor: Truemove3+ Dual Optical Sensor
  • Battery: up to 24 hours; Rechargeable
  • Buttons: 7
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

The Steel Series Rival is one of the best wireless mouse providing some incredible features and specifications for the users. It has been for its incredible lag-free performance and delivers 1000Hz, 1ms latency, and tournament grade frequency giving an unmatchable performance in every gaming session.

This mouse has been equipped with the best TrueMove3 dual optical sensor. You can account for the incredibly accurate crosshair placement for all movements. No acceleration, no tracking errors, and no lag.

It is safe to say that this device is highly customizable and the weight can change accordingly considering the fact that it has 256 different weight combinations for the perfect balance of any grip or gameplay style. The removable sides allow easy and secure placement of the eight included 4g weights.

Now, enjoy 24+ hours of battery life provided with a 15-minute rapid charge from the wireless charging provided with the mouse. The overall cost can be bothersome but then if you are looking for the best option, there is no escape.


  1. Customizable and easy to set up.
  2. Great battery life with an instant charging
  3. Lag-free performance
  4. Dual optical sensor
  5. 8-zone RGB colors


  1. Expensive product
  2. Worst customer support

6. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless- best mouse for gaming


  • DPI: 16,000
  • Sensor: Hero 16K
  • Battery: up to 60 hours; Rechargeable
  • Buttons: 4
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse has been given as the best gaming mouse under all the categories by some well-known gamers and tech enthusiasts. It is super lightweight and gives a lag-free performance. This Logitech wireless gaming mouse is smooth and has the power to deliver a rock-solid, super-fast 1-millisecond report rate connection.

With the HERO sensor and high DPI range makes everything better. The cursor and the sensor work in perfect sync and make the gaming session memorable. Furthermore, the sniper button or the side button allows you to slow down the sensitivity while taking a shot in a game.

On the connection front, Logitech G Pro uses the 2.4GHz wireless communication format for lighting speed connection with the PC. This mouse uses the USB interface to connect to the PC or your laptop. There is no Bluetooth connection involved and there is no lag whatsoever with the USB.

The overall design of this gaming mouse could have been much better as compared to Logitech’s other high-end mouse. But it looks like just any regular mouse with incredible features. Also, it is Ambidextrous meaning it can be used by both left and right-handed gamers.

Lastly, the battery power is phenomenal as well. If you turn on the RGB lighting, it may require charging twice in a day but other than day works just fine.


  1. The clicks are light and responsive
  2. Fantastic Hero Sensor
  3. Battery life is stunning
  4. Multi-purpose mouse
  5. Ambidextrous


  1. Expensive product
  2. GPW is a bit tail heavy with the PowerPlay module inserted

Wireless Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

We are well aware that you may have got confused with the options listed above. Surely, there aren’t a lot of options since we kept it simply easy for you to choose. But then if you are a newbie and have no idea about any of the features well this guide is for you. Here we have mentioned all the factors that you need to consider before checking out from the cart.

Make sure you go through everything and then make your decision. Even though you may not have the best budget, there are other affordable options as well. So, go through all the features as given below.

1. DPI Adjustability

Well, most of the high-end mice that you will come across have adjustable DPI or Dots per inch. There are many gaming mice that may not have an adjustable range but surely good enough. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the gaming mouse will be. 

On average, a mouse has around 2000 – 4000 DPI range which is considered good. As we have listed above all have an upper range of around 12k DPI which is exceptional. You can adjust the range though a button the mouse.

2. Sensor

So this is an important aspect of any gaming mouse. Typically you will come across two types of mouse i.e. either Optical or Laser sensor. Mostly, all the gaming mice have been equipped with Optical sensors that work incredibly well. The position of the sensor also determines the characteristics and behaviors of the mouse.

3. Size and Weight

Being a hardcore gamer, you may not like using the heavy mouse since it requires constant scrolling around on the mouse pad. If you have been looking for the best wireless gaming mouse then you will find multiple sizes and shapes available on the web.

Some are very thin, while some are huge in size. Also, there are gaming mice with an excellent grip and perfect shape making it very comfortable to hold and use. Furthermore, if you are playing games with low sensitivity you will need a larger mouse. Some users prefer a slightly heavier mouse since they are perfect in size and fit perfectly in the hand.

4. Response Time

When it comes to selecting the best gaming mice, you should always go for the one that has a 1ms response time or 1000Hz polling rate. The response time basically measures how quickly anything appears on the screen or simply says responsiveness. Anything less than 1ms can have a huge impact on the gaming session, especially for high-end games.

Conclusion- Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Well, we have now listed everything you need to know before selecting the best mouse for gaming. It will take you some time if all this is new to you to select one of yourself. But do not be in a hurry. Just go through everything and make up your mind accordingly.

Also, take into consideration the mouse which could be the most comfortable to you in the long run. The grip, response time, battery power, and most importantly your budget. Keeping it in mind we have also mentioned some low priced products for all the newbies. Once you are familiar with how everything works you can go for something much better and powerful.

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If at all you are unable to decide still, you can let us know in the comment below. Also, if you have been using any gaming mouse yourself and have loved it do mention it here so that others can take into consideration as well.

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