Export Chrome Bookmarks: How to Back Up Google Chrome Bookmarks for PC, Android And Mac

Backing Up Bookmarks from your Chrome web browser becomes crucial when you want to re-install your chrome browser or move to a different web browser. You would obviously want to restore all those settings and passwords as well as bookmarks you have saved all over the time. Exporting Chrome bookmarks also comes handy if you need your bookmarks in mobile or a different device such as Mac. Exporting chrome bookmarks can be done easily by various simple methods however we suggest to do it by backing up to an HTML file. The reason for suggesting back up in HTML format is because HTML is usually supported by all web browsers across all supported devices.


Here in this article, we will discuss different approaches to do the task for you.

How To Export Chrome Bookmarks to an HTML file?

people ask often about How can I transfer my Chrome bookmarks from one computer to another? here is the answer to that: As mentioned earlier HTML file format supports all devices and browser so exporting bookmarks to an HTML file is a safe backup method that will work in all browsers. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome in your PC/laptop.
  2. GO to  Customize and Control Google Chrome menu > Bookmarks.
  3. Now select Bookmarks manager by using  this shortcut- press [CTRL] + [Shift] + [O] on  keyboard.
  4. Next, click the Organize menu > Export bookmarks to HTML file.
  5. Select the location where you want to save the HTML file and choose a name for the file so you can easily recognize it when you want to restore click the save button.

This HTML bookmarks backup can now be used to reinstate your old bookmarks while you reinstall google chrome browser or move to a different web browser like Mozilla Firefox. The file holds all details of bookmarks as well as the various folders. Import Google Chrome Bookmarks using Backup


Once you have backed up your chrome bookmarks, It can now be used to import in Google Chrome browser on a different device. Import process of chrome bookmarks is similar to exporting process. So the steps are the same as mentioned above. To import using existing HTML backup, select the option Import bookmarks from HTML file and select the HTML file you saved earlier while chrome bookmarks back up process.


This HTML file can be used with Firefox too to import settings and back up as well as any other web browser as all browsers support HTML backups.

How To Use Sync in Chrome to Synchronize Back Ups

If you are running chrome in more than one device and want all your passwords, settings, browsing history as well as bookmarks to be synced across all the devices you use then clearly sync is the best function in chrome to easily access your bookmarks over the devices using the same Google account. So this is the second option if you want to export bookmarks of chrome to other devices.

To enable sync in chrome you don’t really have to do much but to sign in to your google account. Chrome automatically backs up and sync your all data to your Google account and it reflects across all the devices where you are logged in in google chrome.

While you opt for sync data in chrome it synchronizes all the data including passwords, browsing history and settings but you can control what items you want to be included as to be synced and what you need to exclude from syncing. For example, not everyone would want to sync web browsing history to be synced across the devices they use.

To prevent Google from syncing or limited sync options you need to click on advanced sync options and from there you can choose items you want to be synced or even forbid google from syncing settings and bookmarks at first place.

This way you can sync bookmarks across computers using google chrome. It works when you have worked in your classroom computer and want to save your research and work data to your home computer. All you need to do is:

    • Sign in to your google account in your desktop Chrome browser.
    • But before sign in you must launch Google chrome in your desktop browser.
    • Find out the Chrome menu inChrome menu the top right corner of the windows and hit the click button.
    • click on settings and under the sign in go to the advanced sync settings option.
    • You can choose how much information you want to sync under the drop-down menu an here you get two choices: to sync everything check all boxes, and to selective sync, you need to check the boxes you want to be synced.
    • For encryption go to the “Encryption Options” menu and select one of the options:
    • By default, you get the encryption by your Google credentials which means all your data is protected by your google passwordgoogle_chrome_sync_bookmarks


  • you can select custom sync passphrase which will enable you to protect your data with a custom encryption passphrase.

So sync is online and live option to export your Google Chrome bookmarks to different devices while creating HTML file of Chrome bookmarks let us back up and restore google chrome bookmarks to a different device using chrome or even restore the backup to another web browser.

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