ExtraTorrent Unblock Proxy Sites in 2021

Well, you may have come across tons of best torrent sites where you can access movies, videos, games, software, etc. All these torrent sites are not legal to be operated and have been blocked by the officials since they do not have copyright over the content. But techies always have a way out and access to all the sites which as working and can be used by common masses. ExtraTorrent is one such site that is popular among people all over the globe. We have made a proxy list of ExtraTorrent unblock sites that will benefit everyone.

ExtraTorrent consists of multiple links of movies, software, series, etc that can be accessed by anyone from all over the world. You can easily search for any given keyword and get tons of results with the format in the best quality possible. All of this is free of cost and all you need to have is a good internet connection.

Unfortunately, the official site of ExtraTorrent was shut down in the year 2017 due to copyright issues. Since then, there have been hundreds of sites available under the name similar to it to make it easy for everyone to unblock ExtraTorrent.

Why Use ExtraTorrent Unblock Proxy Site?

Well, there is no other better alternative to the original site than the Unblock ExtraTorrent proxy sites you may find on the web. If you want to find some genuine and trusted content, you may want to stick to the torrent proxy files. We too have been using it for years and be able to download loads of content without any hesitation.

Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy List

There are too many of them with the sole purpose that if any of them gets blocked, you can always get back to the next one to unblock ExtraTorrent sites for more content. The UI of the sites are almost similar and nothing too shady or suspicious. You may have issues with the number of ads that may pop up, but that is the only way to access the content. 

You will have to carefully click on the magnetic or torrent link to open the file. If the ads windows open simply close the window and continue your quest. Make sure you do not waste your time by unnecessarily going through the ads as they will just kill time.

ExtraTorrent Unblock Proxy List 2020

Here is the list of all the proxy sites unblocked ExtraTorrent on your web and access all the content from here on in 2020.

ExtraTorrent Proxy



https://ExtraTorrents.ch Very Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.red Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.world Very Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrents.unblockall.org Very Fast Working
https://extra.unblocked.lol Very Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.cd Very Fast Blocked
https://ExtraTorrent.cool Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.fyi Fast Working
https://sitenable.asia Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.unblocked.st Very Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.unblocked.re Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.immunicity.st Very Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.bypassed.st Very Fast Working
http://ExtraTorrent.pro Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.ag Very Fast Working
https://ExtraTorrent.cool Normal Working
https://ExtraTorrents.unblockall.org Fast Working

There are a lot more proxy sites to unblock ExtraTorrents that you may have come across. You can try out these 17 torrent proxy sites as well. It might be possible that some are blocked, it is due to the fact that such sites are always on the lookout. But you can always have more and more such sites to look forward to. Simply click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser.

Among these, the most active ExtraTorrent unblock proxy site is the ExtraTorrent.ch that has been used most often and the most genuine above all. Either you can choose to go for this, or simply choose one from among the list above. Some of them may require you to use VPN services depending on the location or the country you live in.

Use VPNs to Unblock ExtraTorrent Sites

As a matter of fact, there are many countries such as India where torrent sites are blocked. You cannot access these sites legally on your web browser to access the content. It has been deemed as a violation under certain charges from the government. On the other hand, you can use a VPN or Virtual Private Network that allows you to search the web such as YouTube, Browser, etc with a different IP address.

ExtraTorrent unblockedWhether you are using a smartphone or a laptop, you can easily get a VPN software for free and download it on your devices. Simply select a country and start the network. You are safe now from using any torrent proxy site without having to worry about a thing. In fact, hackers from all over the world have been working on a very strong VPN which is why they are never tracked or caught in the process.

If you are thinking about whether using VPN is legal, then you do not have to worry at all. Keep using it as much as you like. It is just like another software used by people for multiple purposes.


The list of ExtraTorrent unblocked torrent sites is clearly mentioned which you can work on as per your need. Sites from multiple sources have been collected and curated to make a genuine and 100% working list for our users. Be aware of all the fake sites which may unknowingly inject virus on your system. If you have antivirus then there isn’t anything to worry about.

The ads on such sites can be the only annoying part of acting as the biggest disadvantage. But there is no escape even if you are using an adblocker. For safer browsing always use the VPN network to keep yourself hidden. Also, many a time you may have sites that are blocked just to your location or country, this is where you may want to unblock ExtraTorrent sites using VPN.

For similar sites, visit the link that will lead you to the best torrent site of 2020.

We will be updating more sites in the days to come. Till then you can use these links for more content. And let us know if you are stuck somewhere and need any assistance. Feel free to mention any link or site other than above that other users can find it useful.

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