How to Get Help in Windows 10 in 2021

If you have been encountering issues with Windows 10 and looking for solutions, well this is surely the right place to look for. You can easily Google it through your devices. Or you can try out the support service provided by Microsoft either through their website or the Get Help option available for all the users. Here we will be discussing “How to Get Help in Windows 10” considering the multiple possibilities.

Let us look at some of the ways in which we can try to ask for help on an issue related to Windows 10.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 in 2021

Before moving on to the support options you may want to upgrade your system to the latest Windows 10 update such that you can make use of the best features as possible.

1. Get Help with Windows 10

The first thing that you can try out for any kind of assistance is by direct interaction. Microsoft has a built-in application named Get Help where you can directly chat with customer support. The process is very simple to open the application. And users have found it useful most of the time. 

How to get help in Windows 10

  1. Open Start Menu. And type Get Help.
  2. Click on the application to launch it.

This is all you need to do just to ask for help directly from Microsoft. As soon as you launch the application, the Microsoft Virtual Agent will be present on the screen. If you are looking for direct contact with human customer support, simply type Talk to a Human or chat with a human and press Enter. If you are connected with the internet it will immediately connect you with an actual agent.

2. Use the F1 Key

F1 key has always been users the first choice when it came to looking for solutions to issues related to Windows. All you need to do is simply Tap on the F1 key and the system will open a Bing search where you can search for all your issues related to Windows 10. In fact, you can directly search for How to get help in Windows 10 and you will get what you need.

Moreover, not only will it help in opening Bing. But also, if you are using Google Chrome in a Windows environment clicking on F1 will open Chrome support. Similarly, you can perform this function with other applications as well for assistance. If by any chance the key fails to operate you will have to manually turn it on from the settings.

3. Use the Voice Assistant- Cortana

If you aren’t very fond of asking for help by simply searching for it. You can always ask for assistance from Cortana, the Microsoft virtual assistant. All you need to do is say “Hey Cortana” close to the microphone or click on the microphone icon. Once activated, you can speak to her and ask her any assistance you need.

Windows 10 help

It may not be as effective as Google Assistant or Siri but works decent enough to guide you through the way. All the information about the system has been fed to Cortana and you can ask for Windows 10 help directly.

4. Microsoft Support Website

Anyone who has been using Google for every answer will always wish to search for the official website and contact the support. Well, you too can do the same to get help with Windows 10. Surely, it isn’t a difficult task to understand the operating system ut you may get on the way. Asking for help or solving out queries directly from the support team can be useful.

Get help in Windows 10

Simply go to the Official Website of the company where there are hundreds of questions that have been answered. You can even leave a new one if your query isn’t listed and get the answer as soon as possible. For direct answers or ask a question go their site and click on Ask a Question on the menu options.

5. Tips App

Well, there is an option that most users are unaware of. For tips and suggestions on Windows 10, you can easily look for Tips App. It is an in-built application provided by Microsoft. From short answers to long term suggestions, you can get it all. Here is how you can get to it.

help in Windows 10

Select the Start button, type “Tips”, and then select Tips at the top of the list of results.

In the Tips app, do one or more of the following:

  • Select Recommended, click on a card to open a set of tips.
  • Click on Collections, choose a category of tips, then select a set of tips.
  • Select the Search Tips to box in the upper right, type a keyword or two for a subject, feature, or app in Windows 10 that you want to learn more about.

6. Search in Start Menu

The easiest way and the best way indeed to search for solutions or anything is the use of the Start Menu. You have already been doing so for a long time. But, if you have just started using the Windows 10 system or switched from Apple OS to Windows you must be aware of the features.

Windows 10 help

Click on the windows icon on the keyboard or the Start button on the desktop. Type in any app name or keyword related to your query. Without having to do anything, you can easily get the list of possible answers and applications you have been looking for in your computer system to get help in Windows 10.

Conclusion- How to Get Help in Windows 10

“How to get help in Windows 10” is now no more a matter of concern since you have multiple options that you can try. From Cortana to using the Tips App you have got it all. Just for very basic help, you can simply google your query and may have all your issues resolved. There might be an issue with the F1 key since Microsoft keeps updating the system leading to change in functionalities. But by using the settings option you can get the options right.

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Furthermore, if nothing seems to be working and have been experiencing any issues, leave a comment below. We will try to help you in the best way possible.

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