Learn How to Create Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has been a huge hub for people to come and interact with. It has been utilized properly by many brands to have success in their business with the support of social media marketing. It has a huge base of the audience for you to choose effectively. With over a billion active users on Facebook, it becomes a great place to do your promotions, without any doubt. With the growth in demand, understanding small things and their steps have been really important. Therefore utilizing Facebook for the success of your business will be highly helpful for you even for the purpose of branding.

fb video ad setup

You can see the content formats are being highly talked about topic everywhere. People try to understand which content format suites their promotion and business requirements. Marketers are researching deeply about these kinds of stuff. One of the highly profitable content formats is the video format. Video format helps to attract the audience and create a sales funnel for many corporate houses which are depending on Facebook for marketing.

What are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video ads are a type of content format which if implemented properly makes viewers remember your brand very easily. They can help you the trend and support you in strategizing your brand promotions as they catch the eyeballs with ease. They help you to fuel engagement among the people with the creative approach very smoothly. They have been highly effective as far as the recent trends are concerned. So, it is important to know how to create video ads.

Steps to create Facebook video ads:

There are 5 simple steps to create video ads that will run on Facebook. These steps can make the journey of creating ads pretty simple for anyone.fb video ad

Step 1: Set up the equipment

Settings up equipment for creating video ads are important. From a good background to a decent video recorder every small thing plays a vital role for this purpose. The background should not distract people from the content of the video; therefore usually people prefer a white background. You can have a smartphone to create good quality videos, if you are on a tight budget otherwise a good camera can always ensure high-quality videos. If you can record HD videos then it will be great to drive engagement among the people. Lighting should be perfect, too much of light or too much darkness, affects the video ad in an extremely negative way. Therefore equipment plays an important role while creating a video ad that cannot be ignored.

Step 2: Practice the script

The script plays a vital role while you are developing a creative video that will be uploaded on Facebook. Read the script and practice it before going for the final shoot for your video. Always ensure that your script has the potential to drive engagement. The script should allow people to know about your business and the purpose of the video, for creating customer funnel.

Step 3: Record the video

Try recording the video sentence by sentence, without trying to complete all in one take. Do not give huge stress to make the video look perfect. Just try easily to make a good video that can drive engagement for your business and branding purpose. It can be cringe when you shoot the video for the first time, but it is fine as you will do better as you keep practicing.

Step 4: Edit the video

Editing the video is a must in the present era. There are many tools like Movie Maker and Camtasia to help you with this purpose. Try to give a look of a genuine brand while editing the video. This will help you to showcase your business as a trustable and reliable one.

Step 5: Create a thumbnail

After doing all the above steps, creating a thumbnail that makes people come to see your video is very important. Try creating an attractive thumbnail according to the niche of the video. This will increase the reach of the video heavily.

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