How to Force quit on Mac- 4 Simple Ways & Easy Steps

Are you having trouble shutting down your Macbook or your applications have frozen? Well, we have been there too. So, we researched a bit and fix the issue on How to force quit on Mac.

To switch off the applications you need to give Mac force restart so that it can refresh itself and boot up faster closing down all the apps. On the Windows system, this process is rather very simple and you just need to press certain buttons on the keyboard to start the Task Manager and simply end the apps that have an error.

Here on Mac, there is no provision as such. You can either force quit each app or simply force quite Mac. It does happen some time or the other so you need to be prepared. Since if you have not saved your work on the system, you may lose it.

Here are some of the ways that you can try to force quit mac:

How to force quit on Mac- 4 Simple Ways

There are multiple ways that you can try and quit Mac apps that have frozen. Apple products are highly reliable and there are rare occasions that lead to such situations. But you can quickly come out of this crisis using specific methods that we have mentioned below.

Method 1: How to Force Quit on Mac Using Shortcut Keys

The first method and rather the easiest one you can try is by using a combination of keys on the keyboard. Similar to what you may have seen on a Windows PC, Mac has its own leys to force quit Mac apps.

If your apps have frozen, it becomes difficult to operate other apps as well. So here is what you can do.

Click on the Command + Alt (or Option) + Escape keys from your keyboard.

force quit on mac with keyboard

The system will open a dialog box as Force Quit Applications. Choose the option that you want to shut down or the one that is not responding.

mac force restart

The above box contains all the apps that are running on your system currently. Those that have “not responding” in the bracket mentioned, perform Force Quit on them.

 Method 2: How to Force Quit Mac Using Apple Menu

There is another way by which you can access the Force Quit Applications dialog box without having to press on the shortcut keys.

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top-left corner.
  2. Click on Force Quit and the dialog box will open.How to force quit Mac
  3. Select the apps that you want to quit immediately.

You do not need to worry if you are using any app while clicking on the option. It will not close your app instead will always open the dialog box.

Method 3: Mac Force Quit Using Activity Monitor

Here we have another highly effective method by which you can close the apps. You can do this by opening the activity monitor on your system. Many of you may know how to open an activity monitor, but if you are new to this, we will take you to step by step to how you can perform the action.

  1. Click on Command + Space to open Spotlight Search.
  2. Type Activity and press on Activity Monitor.Quit Mac App using Activity Monitor
  3. All the lists of apps and programs currently running on the system will be on the screen.Force quit Mac
  4. Select the app that is not responding and double click on it.
  5. Tap on the Quit Option to shut it down.Mac force restart
  6. Simply choose Force to force quit on mac when frozen

This is how you can use the Activity Monitor to Force Quit Mac. Well, you can also check out more details on the apps through the monitor and the status of its running time and memory.

Method 4: How to force quit on Mac through Dock

This is something you may have already tried. But if not, you can follow the small steps through which you can quit the frozen app within seconds.

  1. Press Alt (Option) key on the keyboard and Right-click on the App.
  2. Click on the Force Quit option.force-quit-mac-on-dock

Your application that might have frozen will now quit from the system. Now, you can simply restart the program to get on with your work. Many a time this process may not work so you can try other methods as mentioned above.

What to do when force quit Mac not working?

Well, here is the most common question that I have come across where multiple users have been unable to quit the apps using Force Quit. So, here is another method that you can try on your Mac apart from all the ones we have mentioned when force quit Mac not working.

This involves the process where you need to use the Command Line Interface. If you are not aware of how to use it, we will guide you. Simply stick to the steps as mentioned.

  1. Press Command + Space to open Spotlight search.
  2. Type Terminal and Press Enter to open the application.Terminal Command on Mac
  3. Now, to quit the application, Type the command: killall [application name].Force Quit Mac by Command
  4. Hit Enter. Your application will shut down immediately.
  5. Perform the same for other apps as well.

All you need to keep in mind is right the name of the application correctly. For example, to quit iTune type the command as killall iTunes.

Why does your Mac Keeps Freezing?

So, you may have this question in your mind as to why doe such a situation occurs. There could be many possible reasons that are causing your Mac or the apps to freeze up.

It could be because of the fact that your Mac has been running too many applications in the backgroud that you are unaware of. Another possible reason could be that you have very little space left on your system to store files or memory and it is time to clean it up.

There are times where you may have been using some third-party apps which can be causing unnecessary errors on the system. It is important that you delete them as soon as possible since they can be the reason for any kind of malware on the system.

But you can fix all of it by simply quitting these apps using the methods we have mentioned. It is always better to keep the system up-to-date, removing unnecessary apps, and cleaning the system as frequently as possible.

Final Words

Did you find the methods simple? Well, I guess it indeed it very simple. All you needed to know are the pieces of information on how you can do it. And some step by step process to execute it correctly. Although all the above processes are most likely to work undoubtedly.

But if at all you are still unable to go through it, you can choose it to uninstall the application. Also, many times your system has been unresponsive and there is nothing that you do on it. Then you need to force quit Mac. You can do that by pressing for long on the power button. This will shut down your entire system.

Are you looking to Defrag Mac, here is how you can do it.

Wait for few secs and then press the power button again. All the apps that were unresponsive are shut down and your Mac has restarted again. If the process did work for you let us know in the comment section.

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