How to turn off Google Assistant on your Devices

Google has always been one step ahead when it comes to bringing in new technology to the world. Google Assistant is one such thing that has been improvised to a huge extent and work incredibly well than any other virtual assistants. But it may not be the best and can be a little too annoying at the time. Well, this is why we are here to turn off google assistant and learn how to get rid of google assistants on your devices.

It is not a necessity for everyone to do something like this. But if your voice is activated on your devices, the assistant pops up even when not required. Also, there are tons of speculations to how your voice-enabled application might be listening to all your conversations and it may be the right time to turn off Google Assistant or simply take a break.

Let us see how we can carry out the process.

google assistant

How to turn off Google Assistant

The methods that involve to disable google assistant or be it making any changes to it involves some very similar steps on all the Androids and iOS devices. 

1. How do I turn off Google Assistant on Android

Firstly, we will be looking at the steps involved in disabling it on your Android smartphones or any other device.

disable Google Assistant Android

  1. Bring over the Google voice on your phone either through “OK Google” Or simply holding on to the home button.
  2. Expand the windows and click on the three dots over the top-right corner.
  3. Select More and then Settings.
  4. Tap on Google Assistant.
  5. Scroll down to the Assistant devices and select Phone.
  6. Toggle the button to Off next to Google Assistant to disable it.

This is all that was required to do from your end to get rid of Google’s Assistant on your Android devices.

2. Turn off Google Assistant Voice

If you do not wish to completely disable the voice, instead turn off Google voice you can easily do it. The steps are similar to the ones you have followed above with little changes involved.

disable google voice

  1. Open the Google application and click on More.
  2. Go to Settings and click on Voice.
  3. Now select Voice Match.
  4. Toggle off the “Hey Google” option and “While driving”.

You will no longer be able to access Google Assistant with the voice command any more. Even while driving Google Assistant won’t pop up to bother you anymore. There are certain options that may be available on older Android versions to toggle off.

3. How To Get Rid of Google Voice on iPhone

For iPhone, the steps are rather simple as opposed to Android phones. Let’s see how we can disable Google Voice or Assistant on your iOS devices.

disable google voice iphone

  1. Go to Settings and Look for Google Assistant.
  2. Toggle Off the Microphone button to disallow Google’s Assistant to use it.

This is all you need to. Moreover, if you permanently want to get rid of the application on your Phone you can uninstall or delete it. All the iPhones already have their own virtual assistant Siri to carry out similar functions. 

How to disable Google Assistant Home Button

There is another factor that you can perform to remove or disable it from your Home button. Well, it becomes very frustrating when you click on the Home button for a little longer the Assistant pops up. A similar feature is enabled on all iOS devices as well where Siri pops up.

You can remove this particular feature and disable Google’s Assistant from your Android phones.

  1. Open Settings and Go to Apps.
  2. Click on Default.
  3. Now select Assist & Voice Input option on the screen.get rid of Google Assistant-1
  4. Furthermore, Tap on the Assist app option and select None from the pop-up.get rid of Google Assistant-2get rid of Google Assistant-3

This will remove the Google voice as an option from your Home button. These steps were for One Plus users. But you can perform similar steps for Samsung, Xiaomi, as well as other Android phones.


Well, this is pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to getting rid of Google Assistant on your phones. Either be it temporarily or permanently remove it from your devices. Even in your iPhones, you can easily disable Google Assistant. It is no doubt that Siri has been very helpful but there is no match to the consistency of the Google virtual Assistant.

If you are hoping to bring it back on your phones or use it. Just simply reinstall the app and enable all that you have disabled previously. In fact, you can click on the microphone button on the Google App and when prompted to turn on the access, simply follow the instructions. 

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Moreover, if you feel you are stuck somewhere while you are following the steps above and experience any errors. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance.

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