How Tulsa trucks use efficient asset tracking

Moving an asset from point A to B may sound simple, but it’s more complicated than that. Well, at least the idea is straightforward. But ask anyone who’s the line of business involves moving of various goods across the country and chances are, they’ll tell you that strict monitoring is a 24/7 task. To be at the top of the chain of a competitive and demanding asset moving industry nowadays is difficult. There are many things to consider, and asset tracking is one key factor to ensure that every product and goods reach its destination on time, safe and sound.

The advantages of asset tracking

Regardless of the fleet size of your trucking company, handling assets is a significant challenge. Managing the logistics of goods so that it arrives at the client’s doorsteps at an agreed period, unharmed, is a crucial requirement. Materials management nowadays is never a simple logbook or spreadsheet entry, and this is where asset tracking solutions come in. Asset tracking addresses many of the problems encountered by businesses by providing a solution where clients can monitor the delivery status, location, other pertinent information about the transport. Asset tracking also comes in different forms and processes. Let’s try to find out how it works and what system can be useful for your business.

How Tulsa tracks utilize asset tracking for trucks

In asset tracking, there are major things to consider so you can streamline your business process with its system. This is also to ensure that you’ll avoid paying extra for a service feature that you don’t necessarily need.  Here are some key factors Tulsa truckers considers that might be fit for your requirements, regardless if you’re operating two or a fleet of ten trucks :

  • Use of Global Positioning System (GPS). This technology has improved a lot along with the advent of the latest innovations. Installing a GPS device can dramatically improve the safety and traveling efficiency of your trucks. GPS allows you to monitor the movement of your fleet closely, and through an automated online platform (more of that later), you can give an update to your customers about the status of their goods.With GPS trackers in place, you can also come up with actual costs for your services so you can offer competitive pricing to your customers. Also, you can maximize the efficiency of your travel by planning the routes and delivery points. By doing such, other factors such as maintenance, fuel, and other truck expenses can be reduced.
  • Utilization of Software. With the integration of GPS to mobile technology, a partner desktop or mobile app is possible with asset tracking. You and your customers can easily have an update with the delivery status with a simple click of a button. You can also link the software to other mobile tools, and there are processes that you can automate. Essential tools such as text notifications, invoicing, delivery receipts, transaction history, are just some of the processes that can be automatically generated by the system.
  • Asset tracking can help you eliminate sidelines.  Before, trucking owners only rely on projections and trust with the drivers that they won’t do side jobs while on duty using the company resources. With an asset tracker in place, your drivers are made aware that they are closely monitored. They know that they’ll be caught; thus, this can decrease their chance of doing sidelines.Sideline jobs by drivers can cause you a lot since they’ re using your assets for their gains. If unchecked, your vehicle maintenance and fuel costs doubles and productivity is lower than planned. Also, you don’t want your brand associated with unauthorized activities other than what was intended. 
  • Asset tracking can keep your personnel safe. Being on the road for long will always have its risks: accidents, vehicle trouble, bad weather, robbery, and other emergencies. By having a real-time asset tracking system in place, you can asses immediately if there’s an emergency, and dispatch a rescue team if necessary. 

Also, you can respond right away if there are indications of unwanted situations if the vehicle has been idle for too long, took to a different route, or been off the map for an alarming period.  

  • Anti-theft feature and truck recovery. Having an asset tracking installed to your vehicles can also be a deterrent against carjackers and robbers. If, unfortunately, your truck was stolen, you can ask the police at once to help you recover it. GPS technology also allows you to disable the truck remotely, making it hard for the robbers to take away the car.
  • Insurance costs can be lowered. Having an asset tracker solution installed on your trucks can never be a substitute in getting them insured. However, insurance companies are aware of the benefits of having a tracking system; thus, they can offer you discounts with the policies. Insurance premiums don’t come cheap, especially if you have several vehicles.
  • Asset tracking can be a performance indicator. There are instances where customers claim that they didn’t receive the service they expect was delayed, thus putting the payment on hold. You can dispute this by showing them proof of transactions generated by asset tracking solutions.  

This scenario can also show if your employees are doing their job well. The system can help you determine your employee’s performance, as well as their lapses. Having an efficient workforce can help you gain the trust of customers. 

  • Provide a more efficient service. There are lots of competitors in the business nowadays. It’s challenging to set your company apart from the rest. One of the critical factors though, is now more reliable and efficient can you be. With the help of asset tracking, you can have an advantage by meticulously planning your route for faster travel time.

When there’s traffic ahead, you can guide your driver to take an alternative route. Faster travel time, productive employees, secured assets, and safer practices can all contribute to the efficiency of your services. 

Asset tracking solutions offer major advantages for Tulsa truckers in the performance of their services. Yes, an asset tracking system is an additional cost, but with all the above features at your disposal, it’s all worth it to have on your fleet. Truckers should not take second guesses on how to further improve their services. In this time of digital age, Tulsa truckers must keep up by investing in the right asset tracker. 

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