Microsoft office 2013 product key Free Download and Activation 2021

You are probably here because you must have downloaded Microsoft Office 2013 from the internet and now you need a product key to download. I believe you are in the right place. Your search ends here. We too have been there and it was a huge task trying out so many Office 2013 product keys to get things started up. So, we researched and found out some genuinely working product keys and listed all of them down. 

If you are planning to look for an MS Office 2013 product key on the Microsoft site, let me just tell you it isn’t free. And I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to spend so much money on this just like me. So look no further, because there are hundreds of sites that have listed down these keys and almost all of them are fake. 

Microsoft office 2013 product key free download

So, we have checked all of them that we have come through and curated a list just for all the ones looking out for a free version. We will take you through a process from taking a product key, how you can copy-paste it and get it activated on the site. The entire process has been given in this article, with accurate information. 

Let’s get started!!

How to find the Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key

There are mainly two ways you can find your product key Office 2013:

Firstly, you can get the paid version of the keys by buying the product CD from the market which comes along with the activation key inside the case. Once you get a hold of the disk, you can see the unique product key printed inside the case.

Also, you can simply buy it from their official website and after installing Microsoft Office 2013 on your Mac or Windows OS, use the code you bought and put it on the space given for the code. Your office 2013 will be activated and ready to be used.

Secondly, you can go for the free product or license keys that we have listed down here. These are genuine keys and 100% workable. While you read this some of them might already have been taken. But we will be updating them very frequently so that everyone can be benefited from them.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Product Key

Refer to the list below and try these product keys for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013. All you need to do is Copy and Paste these keys in the window that pops up. We will keep updating them. Some might not work as a lot of other users might be using it. But don’t lose hope we have a lot coming up further.




Office 2013 Serial key free download






Ms Office 2013 License keys











Microsoft Office 2013 Standard Product Key

Use these license keys to activate the standard version of office 13. Ms Office 2013 standard has almost all features that are required for your productivity suite.




Product keys Office 2013 64 bit 




Ms Office 2013 32 bit Activation keys



How to activate the Microsoft Office 2013 Activation Keys

Now, since you have got your hands over these serial numbers for activating the MS Office 2013 we can move on to how you are going to use it and the process that follows. Assuming that you have already downloaded the software from the internet, we will now see how these Office 2013 Activators are used and how you can follow these simple steps to activate them. There are two methods for this, either through the Internet or through your phone.

Method 1: Through the Internet

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Office 2013 crack from the internet. You can simply visit the site and download the 32-bit or 64-bit version for your system as per suit. After the file is downloaded follow the steps below. Make sure all the other office applications are uninstalled from the system.

  1. Click on the downloaded file and wait for the installer to open on the screen.
  2. Once the installation window opens, just follow the steps as appears on the screen.
  3. Select the “ I want to activate the software over the internet. (recommended)” from the options and press “Next”.

Also, you can see an option below asking if you do not want the paid version to run or use the product key you can go for the limited number of days free version with limited benefits.

microsoft office professional product key activation

  1. Next, you will get the window to put the “Activation keys” that you have received with the product. All you need to do is switch over to this article and start copy-paste one by one in that area. 

This is all that is needed to be done. As soon as they verify any one of the keys that you have pasted. You can press next and they will activate your license for MS office 2013 with all the features as any paid version would get. 

Method 2: Through your Smartphone

There are times when the internet connection is the worst and there is no way out. So we can try out the phone method of activation the software.

  1. Install the software from the Internet similarly as we did on our system. And as soon as the download is complete switch off the internet connection.
  2. Go to the downloaded part of the phone and click on the file.
  3. You will be redirected to the window where you will need to put up the Activation key. Similarly, open this article and copy-paste the Activation key.
  4. Once it is approved, click on the “install” button. 
  5. Another window will appear asking you to choose a certain option. Select the “ I want to activate the software by telephone” and click “Next”.
  6. Microsoft will prompt you with a phone number on the screen. Now call the number for verification purposes.

In the same window, you will also be given an “installation ID” in exchange for this you will get a “confirmation ID” that will be needed to put on the blank spaces.

That is it. You just need to press “Next” and your Activation is complete. It was this easy, and all you needed was proper guidance to get onto it.

Can Microsoft Office 2013 still be used without any License or Product Key?

Well, you can definitely do that. 

But you need to keep in mind the fact that if you wish to access all the exquisite features of this software and the updated version as well you need to get the activation key for this. 

It depends on you if you would buy one for yourself or use the one available on the Internet for free. So without a second thought, you should use the Activation keys to get the best out of this software and be able to use it for a long time.

If you want to install Office on Windows 7 then you should Install and Activate Windows 7 first on your pc with a working Windows 7 Product key


We have covered everything that you will need to get yourself the Microsoft Office 2013. From downloading it to getting your hands to the list of Product keys, how to activate them and how you can find it. 

To activate the successor of Office 2013 in your computer, head to our post for Ms office 2016 Product key activation.

If you feel we have missed out on anything or have any queries about anything, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We will try to fix every issue. Moreover, do let us know if the product keys are expired. We will update them with the new ones.

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