PC App Store Download Free for Windows (10/8/7)

Well, we all know that downloading applications and software from the internet on the PC is a tedious task. Also, you may not find all the apps you need from the Microsoft store if you are using a Windows operating system. For this, you need pc app store download in your systems.

Yes, you heard us right. PC App Store is a unique platform where you can download, uninstall, update, manage, and search apps super easily. It is free of cost and you can access the apps and software that are used by people in China. There is no detected virus that you will find on this software and it is super safe to use.

Let us see how you can download app store for pc:

PC App Store Download- Windows 10, 8, and 7

To download app store for PC, you can click on this safe link given below, It will automatically download a genuine .exe file for the PC apps store. Once downloaded all you need to do is click on it and install it.

Simply click on the download link here and proceed with the installation for free.

What is the PC App Store?

PC App Store download is an excellent platform introduced by Baidu where you can find tons of apps, games, tools, software, and a lot of other products. Well, this store is available for Windows 10,8, and 7 users and you can download the latest version on the older versions of the operating system as well.

pc app store download

If you have been struggling to download apps such as Skype or browsers, games, internet-based apps, and a lot more different categories, you can easily search on this software. Each application has been categorized to make things easier for you. No longer you will have to search on the internet for every other such app or game, and look for any update. In fact, it is a lot similar to play store download for pc on your Android devices.

App Store for PC- Features

1. Safe and Secure

The foremost aspect that you can comprehend from this pc app store download is the fact that it is highly secure and safe to use. Even though the manufacturers are from China, all the apps can be installed without any worry of a secure network of data theft. Moreover, if you have a doubt you can always scan each app from your Antivirus on your PC.

2. Easy Install and Uninstallation


You can simply select the app you need to download or install on your PC, click on the Install button beneath it, and within seconds the app will be on your system. After that, you can set it up as you would like and start using it immediately. All the apps, games, and other software are free on the platform.

3. Quick Update

play store for PC

If you had downloaded a lot of apps from the web or Microsoft app store and find it very hard to update them. Well, this windows 7 AppStore helps you to update all the apps you have downloaded automatically from the platform itself. Simply open the app store and look for the downloaded apps. Now, if the app has an update you can simply click on it for th latest version and bug fixes.

4. Compatibility

As we have already discussed, the pc app store download is highly compatible with every version of the Windows operating system. This includes Windows 10,8,7, Vista, and XP for 32-bit as well as 64-bit system. That is all you would need to check in your system to download it, No additional criteria are necessary for terms of RAM, storage, processor, or anything.

5. Multiple Categories

Download games

As soon as you launch the App store on your PC, you can look at the hundreds of categories available in the left panel. These categories are very useful while searching for your genre of apps or games. Some of the categories listed are Games, Browsers, Audio, Video, Internet, Graphic, Utilities, etc.

6. Automatic Scan

While you can look for yourself for updates or the app store for PC can itself scan your entire system. After scanning all the apps and games, it will provide you with a list of all the updates that you need to make. Moreover, you can simply click on update all or choose the ones you wish to update as per your need. It is a lot easier and quicker than searching on the web.

7. Intuitive Interface

App Store for PC has a very intuitive interface and super easy to navigate. Everything is right there on your computer screen that you choose to look over. All the apps, categories, profile, settings, and everything else is easy to access. You can choose wallpaper from the menu for your PC, look at the collection of apps you have downloaded, and much more.

8. Paid Apps

Yes, there is a huge collection of paid apps on this pc app store download. You can use your credit card to buy these paid apps that can be very useful to you in the long run. In fact, your card details are secure and safe while you use it and you can choose not to save the details on the app store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a PC app store?

A PC App Store is a software or a platform where you can find tons of apps and games for free that are scattered on the web. It is super difficult to find the best app for multiple purposes directly on the web and download a genuine link. So, the Baidu app store is an excellent option that you must try so that everything is available easily for you.

2. Where can I download apps for my PC?

You can download apps on your PC using the app store, the link is given above on this particular blog. Yes, you can also download apps using an Android stimulator such as Bluestacks but then that can get way too much and it will basically be a virtual environment rather than on the PC directly.

You can also look out for Picsart for PC if you are looking for the best app.

3. How do I install the app store on my PC?

To install the PC app store simply click on the link we have provided on this blog. You may find a lot of such links while searching on the web. While some of it may not be safe and secure for you to download the file, it is better that you download from the link here. Next, click on the .exe file and start to follow the process to install the app store.

4. Is the PC App Store Download safe to Use?

Yes, it is indeed. Many of you might already have their doubts while downloading an external app store. But a lot of users have already been using this app store for quite some time now since it is very much reliable. All your apps, games, and other tools are directly available on this play store while others still have to look for apps on the web.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Huge collections of apps and games
  • Quick install and uninstall
  • Provides updates automatically
  • Safe and secure to use


  • Does not show the version number of the installed software
  • Some apps are in Chinese

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