12 Best Project Free TV Alternative Sites in 2021 To Watch Movies Online Free

Don’t you just love streaming movies, TV Shows in multiple languages, and a lot more? If you do, well you must have used Project Free TV platform that is very popular among the users. You can stream all the content for free and with the best quality. However, not many of you like it or having some issues with it. This is why we have listed down the best Project Free TV alternative or better say some of the mirror sites that are exceptionally good and get you better content with a lot more options from all over the world.

If you are not familiar with the site, do not worry as we have mentioned all the basic info in the section below and you can also check out their mirror sites as well.

Let us know more about Project free TV and what other alternatives you can look for.

Project Free TV- A Brief Overview

ProjectFreeTV is a streaming platform where you can find tons of movies, tv shows, etc with the best quality you can think of. Well, the best aspect of the platform is that it is absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden charges. You will find multiple categories such as New Episodes, TV Shows, Movies (based on year of release), and a lot more.

Project Free TV

As soon as you click on the show you wish to watch, the link will take you directly to the server to stream on your system. This site allows you to choose from multiple serves as well if one of them does not work. All the episodes are updated very quickly to keep you engaged. Project Free TV has the best quality content compared to other sites.

Apart from all this, the site has loads of click-on ads that can be very annoying at times. This has made users switch to something better and hence you can check out the list below and select one for yourself.

12 Best Project Free TV Alternatives

1. BMovies

BMovies is an excellent site that has tons of movies, tv shows, all the latest series, etc. It has been categorized under genres, countries, movies, TV-series, and IMDB ratings. The content is not only available in the English language but also in all the other languages from multiple countries.


Some of the latest movies that you can find on the sites include all the ones that have been released in 2020 currently such as Scoob, Extraction, Jumanji, etc. All the video content is in HD quality and there are multiple servers too that you can select from. To know more about the movies, it has been linked with their IMDB site so that you can have a short summary about everything and also the rating to select the movie easily. Furthermore, you can simply type in the keyword in the search section and get on with it.

2. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is yet another brilliant streaming platform where you watch all your latest Hollywood movies. The most popular part of this site is that it has the original version of all the movies, including all the un-cut parts, no censored clips, etc. It is a superb Project Free TV Alternative that has a lot more to offer than the site itself.

sony-crackle- project freetv

Some of the genres that you will find on the platform are sci-fi, crimes, war, action, adventure, and a lot more than you are going to love the most. Not only this, but it also has a list of TV-series that is uncensored too and you can enjoy the way it was meant for. Before you are willing to try out this site, you may have to use the free VPN, since it is not available in every region or country.

3. Movies4U

Movies4U seems to be a perfect alternative for the free Project TV streaming platform. We have been using it for quite some time now and the quality has been exceptionally good. The UI was pretty good and easy to navigate for your favorite content. It has a small panel on the homepage where everything has been categorized for your benefit. From features, movies, TV shows, Top IMDB, Trending, and based on ratings you have the list to select.

Movies4U- Free project tv

You can even make a proper account on the platform so that all your watch progress, search history, watched list, notification, etc, you can simply collect it on there, Otherwise it is no compulsion and everything can be accessed for free within seconds. Similar to all the other sites, this too has ads that you may not encounter with a lot and is tolerable.

4. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is free to access an online site that has the list of movies from multiple genres such as Animation, action, thriller, mystery, romance, and everything else. You no longer need to pay for any streaming service anymore since this site has all the movies that you are looking to watch or is in your bucket list. It can be really difficult to subscribe to tons of streaming services every month.

Popcorn Flix- Projectfreetv

Hence, you can simply vouch for all the listing of movies and tv shows that you have been searching for all over the web. The only aspect that makes it very popular and maybe a lot more interesting than free tv projects is that they have added a special section where you can also watch all the viral videos for years. This will keep you engaged and entertained for a lot of time, maybe even more than any movie or series together.

5. PureFlix

If you are not comfortable with the sites that have way too many ads on them and can be super annoying, here we have Pure Flix to save you from it. You will love the interface and the smooth design of the site. Although it is not free and you need to pay for the membership fee. PureFlix gives out 7 days of free trial for all its users after which you will have to buy the plan. Either take up the monthly, yearly, or lifetime access for a nominal fee.

Pure Flix

Well, the only reason you can choose to go for such a platform is the fact that it is free from any kind of ad that is available to you with seconds. As of now, the content is provided in only two languages i.e. English and Spanish. All the videos are categorized under the genres that you can look for, featured, Most watched, recently added, and more. It is a popular alternative to projectfreetv.ag and has a lot more to offer.

6. Watch Series TV

WatchSeriesTV is one of the most popular Project Free TV alternatives. It has similar features as that of all the other sites you may have come across till now. The site is clean and very easy to navigate. All the options for you are projected on the home page itself so that you can simply click on it and get going. The categories mentioned are Movies, TV Shows, Genre, Latest, and Upcoming.

Watch Series TV- project free tv alternative

You might have looked over the Project free TV calendar where all the movies are listed likewise Watch TV series has something similar but not too specific. In fact, not only can you watch the movies directly, you may be able to download it for free from the site so that you can watch it later. Make your account for better access and save all your watched history and start from where you left off.

7. Show Box

Well, if you are in for something stunning, you will love the entire interface of Showbox. We loved the design of the site making it look very catchy and something that you can look into. Show Box has everything sorted out in their category sections. You can look into the year, genres, newly added, most viewed, ratings, etc. Not only are the latest, movies listed but also loads of classic movies that you may have watched years ago.

ShowBox- projectfreetv calendar

The site is mobile-friendly as well. Watch the latest movies on your smartphones for free very easily and enjoy streaming on your PCs and laptops. You may have to use free VPNs that makes everything very easy while streaming since all the content uploaded on the site is illegal and they have no right over it. Although you are safe to use.

8. Solar Movie

To watch all the classic movies for free on your smartphone or PC’s, you can check out an amazing project free tv alternative. SolarMovie has been under the best names for providing free movies online where your streaming has been made safe and secure. All the movies, tv-series by the country, movie genre, Tv genre, released, etc.

Solar Movies- free project tv

Even if you are unable to find your genre or latest movies, you can always start with the classics and create a playlist of your choice. In fact, the site has a lot of documentaries as well, fantasy shows or movies, drama, Kung Fu related movies, etc. While you search for International content, you can find a lot of content from Asian countries such as India, HongKong, etc.

9. Vumoo

Have you heard of Vumoo yet? Well, if not you have all the time in the world. Vumoo is one popular option to substitute projectfreetv from your system and try out something else. From the home page, you can write the keywords and press enter. The site will list down all possible names and videos that you can watch if not the same. It has the best quality of the videos or movies such as The Gentleman, Birds of prey, etc.


Some popular tv shows here we had seen in the HD quality are Chernobyl, Carnival Row, etc. These have been rated by IMDB amongst the best and it is available on such sites for free for everyone who cannot afford to pay for streaming services. It can be a huge step up since not all are to be trusted and have too many ads.

10. Watch Free

Watch Free is a rather simple to use and secure site. There are a lot more categories than any other sites we have mentioned yet. You can easily set the bookmark on your browser and access the site anytime you would need it. NOt only can you stream the latest shows and movies, but also can download it on your laptops in the best quality. You may need to make an account to keep track.

Watch Free

Otherwise, there is no charge or anything that you need to pay to watch any movies or shows on the site. The site is pretty jacked up with all the ads but it is still easier to navigate along while you search for your favorite videos. It allows you to search based on the country you are in so that you can get the shows in different languages or the country concerned.

11. Yes Movies

YesMovies have a beautiful interface and design. The home page has been made for you to enter your keywords or the video you are looking for and press enter. All the videos related to your search will be on the page for you to start streaming on. If you are not sure what to watch, the home page has three main categories to choose from i.e. Movies, TV-shows, and Featured.

Yes! Movies

In all of these categories, there are tons of sub-categories too such as genre, country, featured, Top IMDB, etc. Pick out the ones with the best rating and watch accordingly, Make your own personal list and tick off one by one. You may not find a lot of such categories on sites like project free TV. It is filled with good quality videos and there is nowhere that you need to look for.

12. ZMovies

Here we are with our last one on the list. Zmovies is something we could not forget to mention from the list. It is yet another similar site or better alternative to Project Free TV. The site is pretty clean and there are hardly any ads displayed on the site. A simple and plain list of all the movies is mentioned or available on the list.


Even though it may not have all the latest movies anytime sooner, still you have the option to watch a lot of others that are similar in the genre and create a bucket list of it as soon as you can. Some movies are like a decade old but worth watching.

List of Project Free TV Mirror Sites

Here is a small list of all the mirror sites that you can look into if the actual one is something you are not impressed with.

Project Free TV Mirror Status Speed
Projecfreetv.co Online Very Fast
Projectfreetv.nocensor.icu Online Very Fast
Projectfreetv.unblocker.cc Online Very Fast
Projectftv.com Online Very Fast
www.projectfreetv.xyz Online Very Fast
Project-free-tv.ag Online Very Fast
Projectftv.com Online Very Fast

Important Tip- Use VPN to Stream Videos

Well, a lot of people may not tell you this, but using a VPN is the most important aspect for streaming project free tv alternative sites. The reason is that the content on the sites has no copyright from the owner and it is illegal to post such content. Although you are safe, the other IT experts can still track your IP as it is illegal to watch the content as well. There is no need to worry as the VPN service is free of cost.

You can simply either follow the Avast VPN and follow how you can use them on your system. Or there are loads of other free options too for your smartphone as well as for your PC. For Mac, you can choose to go for Windscribe VPN service, for smartphones there is Turbo VPN, etc. These are only just a few names out of so many of them available.

Register yourself on the official site or application and start the connection. You will be given a unique ID of the country you choose and that is all you need, In fact, you can access those sites too that have been banned in your country. If at all you are stuck at any time while streaming the best project free tv alternative site, you can let us know in the comment section.

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