Best Sites to Download Songs for Free in 2020

We have come up with another segment for all the music lovers looking for the best sites to download songs online. Well, you may have been using certain applications as well for this on your smartphones. Those days are gone when you had to buy CD’s or DVD’s to listen to music since everything is digitized nowadays.

From movies to TV shows, music everything is available online and available for free. Still, there are some apple users who pay to listen to songs on iTunes since it is easily available on their devices. Some of the very famous applications currently providing free music on your devices are Gaana, Wynk, Jio Music, etc

Let us have a look at the best free music sites for song downloads.

Top 7 Sites to Download Songs for Free in 2020

Here is the list of 7 Best websites that can help you download songs for free on your laptops, PCs, smartphones, tabs or any other device you have been searching for it on. Let’s get started.

1. SoundCloud- Best Site to Download Songs

SoundCloud is an excellent and one of the most popular sites to download songs of your favorite artists. From Selena Gomez to Enrique you can listen to all the latest songs and download it on your devices. Either you can choose to go for the website or simply download the Sound cloud application on your smartphones.

Soundcloud- mp3 song download

Also, it has a collection of independent artists as well who have some amazing collection and looking to stand out. Users can surely check out these albums on SoundCloud. Apart from this, the site is super easy to navigate and search for albums or simply type the name of the songs.


  1. Instant download and streaming
  2. Tons of songs available from mainstream artists
  3. Easy to navigate and search
  4. A good collection of Hindi songs are available as well


  1. You need to sign in to access the playlist

2. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is one of a kind song download site that has music from Independent artists with their original songs. You can easily download tons of music from the sites or simply listen to one directly. If you are looking for a mainstream track from famous well-known artists you may have to look for it elsewhere.

Jamendo Music- download songs

Apart from this, it provides a Jamendo Licensing as well if you wish to use the tracks for commercial purposes and also for personal use. You can check out more on this on their official website. There is an option as well for independent musicians to join the platform and get a license for their pieces.


  1. Excellent UI and interface
  2. Easy to search for music based on genre
  3. Great platform for fresh music
  4. Streaming and downloading very easy


  1. Not for mainstream music

3. Soundclick

SoundClick is yet another site to download independent music of the fresh new artists. Moreover, each artist has been given a choice if they wanted to give free download options to music lovers. It can also be licensed with a small amount to be paid to download the song. There are tons of songs available on the site with multiple genres such as Pop-music, country, hip-hop, instrumental, etc.

Soundclick- sites to download songs

The list of songs is displayed on the site with all the ones that are free and also paid ones which you can choose from as per your wish. The UI isn’t the best but surely it works okay to search for the music. The most significant part of this site is the music available is completely legal to download. Also, the artist can sell their album by paying a certain nominal fee to Sound Click.

Artists can pay monthly fees to avail of some special offers and unlock benefits such as no ads, customized layout, etc. In fact for Gold users, you need not pay any fee to the site to see your album.


  1. Create custom playlists
  2. Have an own profile page
  3. Get latest updates on the artists
  4. Lossless downloads


  1. Not a great UI and interface

4. ReverbNation

ReverbNation has been among the best free MP3 songs download sites that have a list of some of the emerging artists across tons of genres. The most popular among these genres are pop, country, and hip-hop. Music enthusiasts have loads of options to listen to and download music for free.

Reverbnation- sites to donwload song for free

On the other hand, artists have the option to publish their work and earn a good amount of money from it on multiple scenarios. With connections all over the music industry, ReverbNation can help artists to grow and connect with fans all around the world. There are already over 3.5 Million Artists on the site to discover and share music. You can even download an application to stream music on your smartphones.


  1. Great collection of songs
  2. Tons of new artists collection available
  3. 3.5 million artists on the site
  4. Mobile application available


  1. Only MP3 songs can be uploaded

5. AudioMack

AudioMack is another exceptional site to download unlimited songs without having to pay a penny. It is also an amazing platform for artists who can create a free account that includes advanced stats to help you measure the engagement and build your fanbase. Audiomack gives you the most advanced release tools anywhere, with next-gen Private Track functionality, beautiful embeds, and advanced scheduling.


Also, this tool gives you an advanced Artist Dashboard with in-depth stats on how your content is being consumed, completely free – no premium account needed. Furthermore, it gives you all the advanced features you need to manage your career – including unlimited hosting, advanced stats, powerful scheduling, and content sharing tools, and monetization – completely free.


  1. iOS and Android apps for free
  2. Customizable embed player available
  3. Powerful Artist Dashboard and Stats
  4. Share your music with millions of highly engaged listeners


  1. Ads are annoying

6. MP3 Juices

MP3 Juices is a free and popular search engine that allows you to search tons of songs available on YouTube and shows you on the web page. Moreover, you can easily download the video song on the site very easily with just a single click. Even though this site has no independent collection of movies, it instead has been embedded with YouTube for providing you with the music of your choice.

MP3 Juices

Since there isn’t an option to download songs on the system from YouTube, any music enthusiast can download them from MP3 Juices. The entire collection of songs are present here without anything that could be missing. If you feel this site may create a copyright issue you can always use a VPN on your PC or smartphone to download songs.


  1. Tons of songs to download
  2. Linked directly with YouTube for high-quality streaming
  3. One-touch access to songs for download
  4. Simple and clean UI


  1. Cannot upload music directly to the site

7. Last FM

Last FM is a high-quality music site that had been created in 2002 for the purpose of using it as a radio station. As of now, any user can make a profile and all your search history and the music you love or listen will be listed for your benefit. The UI is unbelievably excellent and rich in colors. The free user account includes access to all the main features listed below. Registered Users are also able to send and receive private messages.

Last FM- song download

This tool has a powerful feature that automatically generates a profile page for every user. It includes basic information such as their username, avatar, date of registration and a total number of tracks played. Profile pages are visible to all, together with a list of top artists and tracks, and the 10 most recently played tracks that can be expanded as needed. Each user’s profile has a ‘Taste-o-Meter’ which gives a rating of how compatible your music taste is.


  1. Incredible UI and user dashboard
  2. Multiple features to look into
  3. Create an interactive profile with your music
  4. Find like-minded fans and music lovers


  1. Lack of lyrics to the music

Verdict- Sites to download songs for free

Well, these are pretty much the most important and highly popular sites in which you can try to download songs on the web and also from the applications. Apart from these, there are other well-known sites such as Amazon Music, YouTube, etc. Recently YouTube has brought about a special function YouTube music for all the music lovers who love to surf YouTube for content.

But it isn’t free, which is why many have chosen to try other apps that provide free unlimited music download in 2020. No doubt you might be the one using YouTube music, but having free options have more benefits in the long run. So, make sure you stick to the list for some genuine content.

If you want to check out the best media players to play the songs, check out the link.

Also, if you feel you already have any free site for music download and are very genuine with the least ads, let us know in the comments below.

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