Steam Screenshot Folder- How To Access and change Location

For all hardcore gamers, you might be aware of the steam service and all the incredible games that it provides on your system. Well, we have got tons of queries when it came to taking screenshots or even able to access these screenshots by yourself. It goes both for Mac or PC users. I too have been in that stage and somehow figured out all of it. This is why we have made up a guide that will guide you to access and change the location of the Steam Screenshot folder.

Furthermore, when you press the F12 key or Hotkey from your keyboard to take steam screenshots. You may not be able to locate it. Even you might have a question that where is the steam screenshot folder? Or how do I open steam screenshots? If you are looking for the same then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss all the topics related to the steam screenshot location and the folder. So read the article carefully.


steam screenshots folder

What Is Steam?

Steam is software owned by Valve, and here you can buy games. The good part about Steam is that they constantly update their database with new and trending games.

Users can install and update the video games using steam with auto-updating, cloud saving, in-game voicing and chat functionality. It was started in 2010.

While playing the game, you want to take a screenshot or a quick picture of video games to show your friends that you won the game or to share it on social media to show off your records or save into your pc.

Whatever the reason is but your main concern is how to locate the steam screenshot folder or where does steam saves screenshots. Then the answer is in the next section.

Where Is The Steam Screenshots Folder On A PC?

There are few methods to find out the steam screenshot location, so here we have listed all possible methods for you. Have a look at it one by one.

1. Look for a Steam Screenshots Folder

  • First of all, launch the Steam Software and click on the View option.
  • From the view option, find a screenshot option and click on it.
  • You can see a new window will open. Here click on Show on Disk and it will open the Steam screenshot folder or screenshot folder of the game like ffxiv screenshot folder.

How To Access The Steam Screenshot Folder

That’s all! If you can’t find the folder, then try the next method.

2. Manually find Screenshot Folder

If you are unable to find your game pictures by “SHOW ON DISK” from steam then here is how you can find your pictures by physically locating Steam screenshots in your pc where they are stored.

  • Browse below the location to open the steam screenshot folder.
  • Go to the File Explorer >> C:\Programfiles (x86) >> Steam >> userdata >> (yourSteamID) >> 760 >> remote > (app ID) >> screenshots.

where are steam screenshots

  • If you follow the above path, you can find your steam screenshots folder.

3. Create a Screenshot shortcut on the desktop

Now if you do not want to browse the PUBG screenshot folder location manually or want to open a screenshot without opening the steam folder, then here are the steps to create a shortcut on your desktop.

  • Go to the File Explorer >> C:\Programfiles (x86) >> Steam >> userdata >> (yourSteamID) >> 760 >> remote >> (app ID)
  • Now, you can easily find the folder named as Screenshots. Right click on it and find option of send to >> Desktop.
  • As soon as you have followed the above steps, a shortcut will be added to your desktop. So you do not have to ask where are steam screenshots as they are in front of your eyes.

4. Locate Screenshots From the game

  • Open the game where you took the screenshot.
  • Now press shift and tab key together to open the stem menu.
  • Find the screenshot manager and click on the option of the show on disk and it will show you the fallout 4 save location easily.

5. Take a screenshot with GeForce Experience

This method is applicable only for the NVIDIA or AMD card. You can also take screenshots with GeForce Experience and use it to share with your friends or on Social profiles.

  • Press the Alt and F1 keys altogether to take a screenshot and move it to the gallery by pressing Alt+Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Take A Screenshot While playing a game?

  • When you are playing a game, you can easily take a screenshot of the screen. You have to press the F12 key. Once you have captured it, you can publish it on social media platforms or on the steam community.

How To Save Screenshots?

  • You do not have to save the screenshot manually on steam. When you press the F12 key, it will automatically be saved on your pc. With the help of the Screenshot Manager system, you can upload it while playing the game.
  • In case if you want to customize it, go to the Steam Settings >> In-Game section.

where does steam save screenshots

  • If you are finding the shortcut key to the screenshot, then remember F12 is the shortcut key.

How do I download Steam screenshots?

You do not have to follow any specific steps to download any screenshot including a wireframe screenshot. It will automatically save to your system.

How can I Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location?

  • Follow the steps given below to change the location, of the steam screenshot folder.
    Open Steam Software >> View >> Settings.
  • It will open a new window, here find In-Game and click on it.

steam screenshot location

  • You can now see a Screenshot Folder option just below the screenshot shortcut key option, click on it.
  • You can also create a new folder where you want to save the screenshot. Now choose to select and click on ok.

How to solve the Steam Overlay Not Opening issue?

  • It is possible that you have press the default key combination that is shift and tab key together. By pressing these two key combinations, it happens that the Steam Overlay cannot open.
  • To access it, make sure Overlay enable and the default keys are correct.
  • If the system faces heavy load, then Overlay closes automatically. To avoid such circumstance make sure all your drivers are up to date and only necessary programs are running in the background while playing the game.

Troubleshooting steps:
Method 1:

  • Go to the System Client >> Steam >> Settings/Preferences >> In-game tab >> System Overlay while In-game >> Enable it.

Steam Overlay Not Opening- steam screenshots folder

Method 2:

  • On your pc right click on the game and go to Properties.
  • Find the system Overlay while In-game option and enable it.

How to find your SteamID?

While going through the above methods, you have seen the StreamID. To find the folder, you have to know your SteamID. In case if you do not know, then you can find it by accessing your Steam client.

  • To find your steamID click on view option and go to the settings.
  • From settings, find the interface. Here you can see a box titled “Display Steam URL address when available.” Check on it and save it.
  • Now go back to the Steam Profile and click on View profile. In the URL, you can see the number in the end. It is your SteamID.


This is pretty much everything you need to know about the Steam Screenshot Folder and how you can access or change the location of the folder. You can simply do it likewise for Mac as well for PC and follow the steps given above. Playing games on Steam is exceptionally amazing and can be the best you would ever experience. Having every piece of knowledge about the features of Steam is important and necessary so that you can use the service even better and easier.

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Taking screenshots on Mac is a bit different than on the PC or Windows operating system. If you are a Mac user you may be aware of it and all the other processes are similar to it. Hopefully, you find the answer you are looking for. In case of any question, you can use the comment section below to ask it. We love to help you. Thank you!

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