TamilRockers Proxy Sites – New and Updated List

Have you been looking to download some movies that are not available on the streaming sites? Well, the answer surely is on torrent sites such as Tamilrockers Proxy, but we all know it is illegal to search on them.

You may find that your IP address has been blocked from accessing certain websites while there are still some available for users to search for content on. Though we would recommend under all circumstances to not use such websites without a VPN. Yes, you heard us. As soon as you will go through the list of tamilrockers proxy sites in the list we have created, all of them will prompt you to do the same.

It is important for you to know why the torrent sites have been blocked and if at all you decided to use it, how you can access them. Here we go.

Tamilrockers- What is it about?

Tamilrockers is a torrent website that provides users with copyrighted content or illegal distribution of movies, tv shows, music, and a lot more. As a user, you can easily search for your favorite content on the site in multiple resolutions. This site facilitates peer-peer files sharing where you can download the content copyrighted content either through magnet links or torrent files.

Well, TamilRockers are among the most accessed and popular torrent sites there is on the web. Although their original site had been blocked years ago due to the illegal and copyright issues they continue to operate using multiple other Tamilrockers proxy sites with new web addresses.

There is tons of content on these Tamilrockers proxy list of sites in multiple languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and others. You can find dubbed audios as well as for Hollywood movies. Not only it has movies from Tollywood but also Bollywood, Hollywood, and all the other industries.

If you are looking to unblock tamilrockers, you can choose to browse on the list we have mentioned below. However, all of these are illegal as well and we do not recommend you use it without a proper VPN.

List of Top Tamilrockers Proxy Site in 2021

Here we are listing down all the tamilrockers unblocked proxy sites that you can access to download the videos, movies, music, etc. As we have mentioned earlier that even though you can use it, the sites have been marked as illegal. So be careful before you use it or better to use a VPN every time you are browsing on these sites.

Tamilrockers Proxy List


hidester.com Online
https://www.megaproxy.com/ Online
https://zend2.com/ Online
https://www.croxyproxy.com/ Online
https://getfoxyproxy.org/ Online
https://www.vpnbook.com/ Online
https://www.megaproxy.com/ Online
https://whoer.net/vpn Online
https://www.proxysite.com/ Online
https://www.hidemyass.com/en-in/proxy Online
https://www.kproxy.com/index.jsp#home Online
https://hide.me/en/proxy Online


Tamilrockers Mirror Sites


https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.space/ Online
http://tamilrockers.ws/ Online
https://tamilrockers.prox4you.pro/ Online
https://tamilrockers.nocensor.casa/ Online
http://tamilrockers.link/ Online
https://tamilrockers.unblockninja.info/ Online
http://tamilrockers.site/ Online
http://tamilrockerrs.pl/ Online
https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.icu/ Online
https://tamilrockers.123unblock.fun/ Online
https://tamilrockers.proxybit.pro/ Online


The above list consists of not only the proxy sites Tamilrockers but also all the TamilRockers Mirror Sites currently on the web. You can click on any of them and browse whichever content you are looking for.

Tamilrockers Unblock- 4 Ways to Unblocking

Well, we have now successfully listed down the main tamilrockers proxy site along with the mirror sites that you can get access to easily. But like we spoke about earlier, the government has banned all these IP from you being able to access it. Especially if you are in your school, college, office, or any other such public places.

However, we simply do not feel that you should be going to these illegal sites since they may or may not be safe to use. But there are certain methods you can try here that will allow you to access these sites given above. Well, using a private proxy, free VPN, Tor Browser, and by modifying your DNS servers.

If at all you feel that you can simply browse on the site without hiding your IP, serious actions can be taken against you by the governments. So, it is better to check out these ways and follow the process as recommended.

1. Unblock Tamilrockers by free VPN

The foremost method that you all must be familiar with is the use of a VPN. Yes, virtual private networks tend to provide you with multiple IP addresses of different countries other than where you are from, and hides your original address. Using a VPN is not illegal and everyone around the globe uses it for multiple purposes along with using it for torrent sites.

Avast Secureline VPN

There are tons of VPN available on the web that you can try. We would recommend you to go for Avast Secureline VPN that has been very popular among users and has been tested by us as well for other purposes. Though we do not personally access torrent sites and all the above information is only for your benefit and research purpose on the internet.

If you are a Mac user, here is a list of Free VPN for Mac.

You can get both free as well as paid VPNs. Free ones have only limited countries listed while paid ones have a lot more features. All you need to do is simply download the suitable VPN and login to it. Once done select any country and click on activate to get another IP address.

2. With a Proxy Server

Next up you can use a proxy server to access these websites. While you can directly browse on Tamilrockers proxy sites or simply use the proxy servers. These servers act as a middleman between you and the website, thus hiding your activity from accessing these sites. 

Unblock TamilRockers

So, what you need to do is type in the url of the above listed Tamilrockers mirror sites and then click enter. You can also serve different countries other than yours. Now, the proxy site will help you access the webpage hiding your server and helping you to unblock Tamilrockers proxy sites.

After this, you can download the torrent file and start downloading it from the BitTorrent applications. But, using BitTorrent is not safe as well since they are a part of the torrent community. So, in the end, it is better to get access to VPN service while downloading the content.

3. By Modifying DNS Servers

This method is something you may have not tried yet to unblock Tamilrockers. Have you ever tried accessing your college’s internet by changing the DNS numbers? Well, this is what you have to do here as well. By changing the DNS servers you can access the servers for Tamirockers unblock sites.

Simply follow the steps below on your Windows PC or laptops:

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu and go to Network Connections.proxy site TamilRockers
  2. Look for Ethernet on the left panel and click on Change adapter optionsTamilrockers unblock
  3. Right-click on the internet connection you are connected to. Choose Properties.Click on Properties
  4. Search for “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and select Properties.Go to IPv4 Protocol
  5. Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” to manually enter the DNS server address.Change DNS server address
  6. Enter the following address and click OK.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

4. Tamilrockers Unblocked using Tor Browser

Have you ever heard of the Tor Browser? Well, if you haven’t yet, this is the chance for you to start browsing on it. You can search for all kinds of Tamilrockers mirror sites, or content easily without having to use the VPN itself. Although many people believe that it is illegal to use the Tor Browser.

Tor Browser

The answer is No. You can use the Tor Browser only if you are not using it for any other dangerous activities that you may find on the other side of the internet such as hacking, trafficking, or any of those. As soon as you are connected to the browser, your search traffic will be automatically laid through randomly chosen nodes, and encrypted in each layer.

Overall, all your search history is encrypted and you can unblock Tamilrockers sites. Furthermore, we would surely ask you to use a VPN for an extra layer of security since these activities are not legal in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to the TamilRockers website?

TamilRockers owners had been booked and arrested a few years ago by the anti-piracy cell of Kerela Police. They had been caught for the illegal and pirated content they had been putting up on their official sites of then TamilRockers. After the case, a total of 19 domains had been blocked and the founders were arrested.

2. Is TamilRockers safe?

TamilRockers sites are virus free and safe to use since they do not consist of any malware or virus. There is no registration, or signup required to download the content from the sites. But as we have already mentioned all the content put up on the site is pirated and copyrighted, so make sure you use a VPN to access them.

3. How can I download Movies from Tamilrockers proxy website?

To download any content, make sure to switch on the VPN at any cost. Next, visit any of the mirror websites of TamilRockers or TamilRockers proxy. Search for the content you need and select the right link. After that, click on the magnet link or download the torrent file. If you have the BitTorrent app then the magnet link will open it directly and start downloading the content.

4. Is Tamilrockers illegal?

Yes, TamilRockers is an illegal site. Well, so are all other pirated sites that post illegal content on their websites. They tend to post movies as soon as they get a good print for its users. As we would never advise you to use such sites and rather watch it when the film is released. But to use such sites and download content, you can get hold of a good VPN and follow the process we showed above.

5. Will other Tamilrockers Proxy sites be banned?

Well, that is something uncertain. There are a lot of such sites on the internet and as soon as you would ban one of them. A lot more will pop-up sooner. Yes, it can be banned but we can never be sure which one it would be. So, to keep you updated we will make a track of these sites and if any more sites come up you can visit this blog, Simply bookmark it for your benefit so that you can also keep track.


TamilRockers Proxy is therefore very easy to access these days and anyone can browse on their sites without being caught in the process. We have been repeatedly mentioning the use of VPN since we would not want our viewers to be in any kind of trouble. So, yet again make sure you pick up the right VPN. In fact, you can even use the free VPN service to browse these sites.

Here are some alternative Torrent sites you can use other than TamilRockers.

Moving on, there are multiple methods as you have seen where you can unblock Tamilrockers with ease. The easiest ones are to use the Tor Browser, the proxy site, or the TamilRockers.vpn. Otherwise, if you are a tech enthusiast you can try the DNS server method as well. All of these methods are properly tested so that you just need to implement them on your phones or PC.

A lot of the sites will not tell you about the risks and the factors while using torrent sites. Even though it has all the benefits, still, you need to be cautious while downloading content or even using the Bittorrent app on your phone or your system.

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