UCard Chase – Everything About Electronic Benefit Transfer Card

Have you been using UCard Chase by JP Morgan to pay your employees? Well, Chase bank offers a lot of offers to its valued customers, especially to its debit and credit card users. You too can get your UCard from chase bank by simply applying to open an account from their official website.

This particular service has been a part of JP Morgan Chase Bank for a very long time, however, a lot has changed over the years, and the service to UCard does not function anymore. If you have the card with you, it is quite possible that you no longer have been able to access the official website where you were able to check your balance which was www.ucard.chase.com.

But, we can still learn a lot about UCard Chase and what it is all about. It was a very successful part of the bank and has gained a lot of popularity among large companies and enterprises. Let us see and learn more about it.

What is UCard Chase?

UCard is a prepaid card offered by Chase bank which is a part of JP Morgan. The card has been offered merely to government organizations or corporate clients. With the use of this card, you can pay your employees, issue tax refunds, unemployment compensation, and enjoy other benefits as well.

This card had its own benefits over the year of its operation. It is a prepaid card hence you need to have money in your bank account. To set up everything you need to have an account with the bank which can be easily done online as well. With the use of the online portal, you could check your account balance, check transactions, connect with customer care, know more about the benefits, and a lot of other aspects as well.

Chase Prepaid Card- What do we know about it?

Well, since we already know that the UCard Chase prepaid card has been discontinued which is why you will not find any information about the card anywhere. However, there are other Chase prepaid cards as well that will help you get all the benefits from the bank. As of now, there are three kinds of debit cards available that you can apply for.

Chase debit card

You can get the Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card, Disney Visa Debit Card, and using Chip Debit Cards. All of these have several benefits that anyone with an account on chase bank can easily avail. All you need to do is simply load money in the bank and get on with the shopping, paying bills, restaurants, etc. The most important aspect of such prepaid cards is that there is no fee charged from the users.

Furthermore, the chip debit cards use special security chips on them that help to keep your card protected from any fraudulent activities. You won’t be held responsible if you have lost your card and there have been unusual activities from it. It even providers real-time monitoring of your card and bank account so that any unusual activity is immediately reported.

How to activate UCard Chase?

If you already have a UCard chase or any other debit card for that matter with Chase bank, there are three ways by which you can activate it. It will simply take a few minutes and you can do it in the comfort of your home. Make sure you have all your details with you such as your social security number and your bank details.

1. Via Phone Call

Firstly, you can give a call to the customer care service from your registered mobile number and get the work done. The above link will take you to the official number by which you can give them a call based on the city you live in. Make sure you do not give them any password or pin number since they never ask for it.

Customer Service chase

Furthermore, the customer service will require some details of your bank account for confirmation. Once the call ends your call will be activated and you can start using it as per your wish.

2. Via Online Portal

You can try out the official online portal that belongs to Chase Bank. Considering that you already have an account with the bank. You can fill in your login info or create a net banking account and get into it. From there look to activate debit cards and you can fill in the necessary information. After you are done with everything, make sure to recheck, and then submit the info.

UCard Chase Sign in

Within hours, you will get your confirmation email or message that you can now use the debit card with no fee applicable. There are multiple other debit cards too other than tha UCard chase only. Furthermore, you can also use the chase mobile login too so that it is easier to get access through the mobile phone. 

3. Via ATM

Next up, have you ever used the chase bank ATM before? If not then you will now, since you can use the ATM to simply activate your card. Here you will either have to swap or insert the card. Once done you can use the card to generate a pin and access the card with the help of your mobile number.

To chase UCard activation, you can simply try to withdraw money from the card through the ATM. If it does work you can now use it for online portals and other bill payments or any kind of transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is www.ucard.chase.com safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the online portal of chase.com. Since it has been powered by the company JP Morgan you can always trust the bank. There are users all around the world that have their accounts in Chase Bank. And are enjoying some of the exclusive benefits from the chase credit and debit cards on every transaction. All the info provided to the bank is kept confidential and made sure there are no fraudulent activities.

2. How do I check my Chase bank account balance?

If you have a Chase UCard and you are looking to check the account balance. Well, for starters the official site for www.ucard.chase.com does not work anymore. And you will never be able to reach out to the officials via the link above. However, there is a pretty simple method that you can use by giving a text message on 24273 (Chase) and you will get your account balance immediately.

3. Can I still use my debit card if my account is locked?

No, once your account has been blocked there is no way you can access it even with a debit card. The debit card works entirely on the money you have in your account. Once it has been locked, you cannot access it for any use whatsoever. Similarly, if you are locked out of your UCard chase account, that is it for you since they no longer work for any user.

Final Thoughts

Chase bank is one of the biggest names when it comes to providing the best banking services over the web. It has tons of features from giving out premium credit cards in multiple categories. Also, helping you get debit cards as well through your account. Like we said that UCard chase had been a huge success for a very long time especially among the corporates and businesses. However, you can now try out multiple other options that have more stability and better security.

For more information about the Chase Credit Journey, click here.

Considering the overall security of the prepaid debit cards by the bank, you can always trust all the services you will be getting. From not being charged any ATM fee with tons of other benefits you will enjoy everything about these cards. If at all you are unable to access your account or stuck somewhere you can call the customer care on this number 1-800-935-9935.

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