Xnspy Review 2021: Best Monitoring App for Mobile?

Looking for a monitoring app? You have come to the right place. After combing through list after list of apps and then finally giving them a try, we came across Xnspy. Xnspy’s claim to fame was being an effective parental monitoring app, but over the years, the app’s popularity has grown tremendously. Employers are actively using it as well to monitor employees and so are people for their miscellaneous monitoring needs.

So, today we are going to save you the trouble of reading through tons of reviews and comparisons and give a detailed review of the Xnspy mobile monitoring app. This is going to tell you all about the installation, compatibility, along with its features and pros and cons.

xnspy reviewRead on below to find out more about this app why it has risen as one of the best monitoring apps of 2020:

Reasons for Choosing Xnspy

We choose to go ahead with this app, like most of us, we want performance without spending too much money. And there is nothing wrong with that as most of the apps are ripping off money and do not even deliver. Xnspy, however, is an app that not only has a wide range of advanced features at an affordable price, but it also performs as well. Compatibility isn’t that of an issue with Xnspy as it works seamlessly both on Android and iOS devices.

Installing Xnspy

Xnspy is one of the simplest apps there is. From the installation process to the use of the app’s functions and features, the app ensures that it is convenient for us. Even those who are not much into apps are going to find this app simple to use. 

To begin, first, you need to subscribe to the app from its official website since it is not available on the Play Store. There is a Basic edition and a Premium edition. Taking your budget and monitoring needs into account, you can select whichever packages suits you and begin monitoring. 

Xnspy offers an array of useful monitoring features and that, too, at an affordable price. After you have made your pick and hit the subscribe button, you are going to receive an email. The email is going to have an activation code, a download link, and the login credentials of your web account that is going to help you access the web account. Once you log in, you are going to see the app’s dashboard that lists down all the phone functions and features in a concise manner. 

If you want to monitor an Android phone, you have to physically install the app on the phone. But there is no such prerequisite for iPhone. There is no need for jailbreak either. You just need to get your hands on the Cloud credentials of the phone user. The app syncs with the Cloud and then gets you all the phone information and uploads it to the web account. 


Here is the compatibility chart of Xnspy mobile monitoring app:

Android iPhone ( Without Jailbreak)
Supports OS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x Supports iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 13.3



This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the app. Xnspy offers advanced monitoring features for a fair price. As said earlier, there are different variants. The Basic edition offers a limited number of functions such as access to contacts, call logs, emails, and pictures from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Viber. Also, you can view the multimedia of the phone as well as the location history. 

With the Premium edition, you can sit back and relax because you are going to know everything. There is hardly an area the app fails to cover. It considers all aspects of monitoring and you can track locations, listen to surroundings, record calls, and perform many remote features. 

You can subscribe to the app in the form of monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. Check the table below to know about the different pricing for different subscription plans:

Editions Monthly Quarterly Annual
Xnspy Basic Edition $49.99 $23.33 $8.33
Xnspy Premium Edition  $59.99 $33.33 $12.49




So, you have installed the app. Now, you will have to wait for about 24–48 hours at most. This time is needed to needed so that the app can back up data from the phone to the web account. You can then log in to the web account and access the dashboard.  

Here are the features you can enjoy with Xnspy:

  •       Monitor Calls

You can record all calls automatically with Xnspy. It keeps track of all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. The app also provides you with actuarial reports and you can the top 5 callers and the top 5 call durations. You also get to see a weekly call activity punchcard that lets you in on the call frequency of the person you are keeping tabs on throughout the week. 

  • Monitor Text Messages

The app lets you access all the incoming and outgoing messages of the phone users with date and time. Also, you can view the chats of popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Kik, Line, Tinder, and WhatsApp.

Then, there are the Watchlist alerts. You can set alerts on some words, contacts, phrases you are interested in knowing about. The app would inform you whenever they appear in the chats, messages, and emails. You are safe from the hassle of going through hundreds of messages to get your hands on something you are interested in.

  • Access Apps

This feature lets you see the installed apps on the user phone. And if you want, you can even block any apps you want to.

  • GPS Location Tracking & Geofencing

While talking about the location tracking feature, you must know that this feature of the app works in real-time. The app lets you track the current location of the phone as well as the recent location history. Watchlist alerts work here too. You can add certain locations to the list and with geofencing, create virtual parameters around some locations so that whenever the phone user enters or exits those locations, you get a notification.

  • Ambient Recording

Xnspy offers the functionality of recording the phone’s surroundings remotely. You can send a remote command from the dashboard that is going to switch on the mic of the phone silently. The mic then begins to record the conversations and continues for 30 minutes. There is no indication on the phone that the phone is recording.

You will have to send another command to continue recording.

  • Access Multimedia

You can also access the multimedia stored on the phone. Also, you can see the images and other multimedia the phone users send or receive different messaging apps.

  •       SIM Card Change Alert

Xnspy lets you set alerts on SIM card change too. If the phone user changes the SIM card, the app would notify you to know right away.

  •       Keylogger

This feature works for Android devices only. This feature allows Xnspy to record the keystrokes of different apps:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype 
  • Viber

Web browsing History

You can also see the web browsing history of the phone user. Xnspy lets you view the internet related activities, bookmarked websites, history, and the top 10 websites the phone user frequently visits.

  • Wi-Fi Network Logs

Another feature for Android devices, Xnspy mobile monitoring app lets you view the history of the Wi-Fi logs, the phone user connected to recently. You can see the name of the connection along with the date and time.

  •       Analysis Reports

Xnspy monitoring app allows you to see analysis reports so you can see the data at a glance. You can benefit from actuarial reports such as:

  • Top 5 frequent callers
  • Top 5 call durations
  • Top 10 frequently-visited websites
  • Weekly call activity punchcard


  • Offline monitoring

Xnspy is one of the few apps that support offline monitoring. The app continues to record data even without the internet. And when the device connects to the internet, the app uploads the data to your online web account, so you can access the dashboard and view all the activities.

  •       Remote Functions

Xnspy offers a range of remote features. You can:

  • Lock the phone remotely
  • Shut down the phone remotely
  • Listen and record the phone surroundings
  • Wipe data from the phone
  • Tale live screenshots
  • Access address book
  • View and block apps



  • The app supports a user-friendly interface.
  • It is perfectly compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Users can benefit from a variety of advanced features.
  • The app is budget-friendly.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.


  • The website has a demo version along with tons of how-to guides and tutorials for user assistance.



  • The app does not have a trial version.
  • It does not support the remote camera option.


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Final Verdict

You won’t regret investing in this app as it is a complete monitoring solution to the users. You get to enjoy an array of features you can use and afford easily. The app has a 24/7 customer support available for customer queries and complaints. No other app is providing these many features and functionalities at this price. So, to enjoy a hassle-free monitoring experience, Xnspy is a great app you can go with. 


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